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Liani Reynolds is one of those artists who makes an impression when you hear her performing for the first time… an even more so when you are privileged enough to read through her soulful storytelling lyrics. There is a heart-warming sincerity and melodic tone to her voice that demands your attention and stays with you long after the last note has been sung. It is these characteristics that make her debut album so unforgettable.

Her first single, 'MOSSIE' was released to radio stations nationwide last week and her debut album, 'LIGSOOM', is now also available on all digital platforms nationwide. Get the album here; SpotifyDeezer & iTunes

'MOSSIE'', written by the artist herself, is one of those songs that will capture the hearts of audiences of all ages. It boasts a catchy, yet soothing melody, which is perfectly complemented by her amazing voice. The best part of this single, however, is the gripping lyrics that promises to take the listener on a very emotional journey.

MOSSIE is about someone who is willing to sacrifice their own comfort and lifestyle in order to ensure the survival and happiness of a loved one. It tells a story of sacrifice and unconditional love,” the talented singer shares about the meaning behind this special song. “I grew up with a disabled girl, Mossie. She was my Granny Botha’s youngest child of four. My grandmother devoted forty-nine-years of her life to taking care of her. The song was written a year after Mossie had passed away and three days later my grandmother also died unexpectedly.”

Liani, who chose the song as her first single because the story has always inspired her so much, says: “It was not always easy to take care of Mossie and it took a lot of sacrifices. Grandma Botha gave up a normal life for Mossie. When we look at birds in nature, we always notice majestic birds like eagles, but we tend to overlook the efforts of the sparrow (mossie). My grandmother became a sparrow because of her love for Mossie.” A music video for the song will also be available soon. 

'LIGSOOM' can be described as a uniquely compiled contemporary album that takes listeners on a mystical personal journey through the singer’s own life. “The album consists of songs about personal experiences and also pays homage to special people in my life that means the world to me,” she reveals. “The title summarises the theme that is evident in most of the tracks on the album. We all have this idea about how something should look that is good, pure and unspoilt. The way that is supposed to be. Some call it the light of heaven, but to me, that place is 'LIGSOOM'. When you look closely, you will see sparrows living inside of it. Those people who go unnoticed in order to give others the opportunity to shine.”

Eight of the eleven tracks on the album are original Afrikaans works, from her own pen, each of which are carefully interwoven with the finest melodies and lyrics to capture the hearts of audiences from the get-go. A duet with Joshua na die Reën, Vlieërs, can also be expected on the CD, as well as creations by Amanda Strydom (Pelgrimsgebed) and Bittereinder’s Jaco van der Merwe (Gewoond). “The songs are stories. I can only hope that they will mean something to someone out there who hears it. When compiling the tracklist, I tried to start and end the story with the two singles that both refer to situations that are happening in the LIGSOOM... the event where one keeps searching for the light that is hidden in the reality of now. Songs that are meant to take listeners to a quiet place were also placed together with other tracks that support this atmosphere. The composition was actually easy to see because, if you look carefully, you will find the theme of hidden light in each song’s lyrics,” she explains.

When asked about her favourite tracks on the album, she responds: “It’s so hard for me to choose one song as my favourite, because every track has its own story in my heart and sentiment. The ones that are very close to my heart, are Mossie, Groen, Herontmoeting, Skuiling and Vlieërs. All we have is our stories. I hope this album encourages everyone who listens to it to write and share their own stories too.” The first single and music video, off this brand new release, will also be available soon.

Joshua na die Reën describes Liani Reynolds’s voice as rich and colourful. According to this versatile farm girl, she has been surrounded by music for as long as she can remember because her parents and other family members also play instruments. “I am the youngest of three children and the only girl. My parents and the way in which I grew up on our farm in Piet Plessis plays a major role in who I am and how I create my music,” the singer says. She has been working in the music industry for two years and was encouraged by Ronel Brink to exploit her musical talent after they met at a praise and worship event. This is also how she met Joshua na die Reën with whom she had an immediate connection. He then offered to help her with the production of her songs, and that was the start of a beautiful friendship.

The artist likes to follow her heart and enjoys listening to music with a sincere message and that is not afraid to experiment with different sounds. She says: “I admire singers who have the courage to be who they are. Musicians who have influenced my style of music or my way of thinking about music are Jubal’s Kin, Tom Odell, Efterklang, Björk, Joshua na die Reën, Coldplay and Tracy Chapman.”

If you ask her about the inspiration for her lyrics, she answers that it often comes from stories about people and who they are. “A song that is written for a specific person, or about a particular situation, always invites me to listen to it again. Those lyrics often find a special place in my heart and I can literally experience what the lyricist felt when he was writing the song,” she shares.

There are many other dreams and plans she has for the future, which includes writing more songs and recording another album, but for now, she is focusing on the opportunities at hand. She will also be part of the Musiek Soos Grond concerts scheduled for later in the year. A website with the stories behind her music will also be available soon. 

'LIGSOOM' has an emotional and nostalgic style that showcases strong musical elements, as well as an impressive vocal range that is not only set to secure Liani Reynolds a permanent place in the hearts of South African music lovers, but will also become a collectable in which listeners will discover aspects of themselves each time they listen to it.

“Nothing on this album was included to try and convince people to like me or my music. It’s just what it is. I think everyone can look forward to lyrics that paint a picture in your head and that will include you as part of the story. I hope that those who listen to it will walk away with a lighter mind and soul,” she concludes.

Ligsoom Album Cover


Sterredigter (written by Liani Reynolds)
Mossie (written by Liani Reynolds)
Swaeltjie (written by Liani Reynolds)
Skuiling (written by Liani Reynolds)
Pelgrimsgebed (written by Amanda Strydom)
Ruimte (written by Liani Reynolds)
Gewoond (duet with and written by Jaco van der Merwe)
So baie dinge (written by Liani Reynolds)
Vlieërs (duet with and written in collaboration with Jacques de Villiers)
Herontmoeting (written by Liani Reynolds)
Groen (written by Liani Reynolds)

Liani is also part of the MUSIEK SOOS GROND movement which promises magnificent music shows and will showcase some of the most gripping music and talent, ever seen in South Africa! 

She will be sharing the stage with her friends Joshua na die Reën, Len Muller, Leon Gropp, Lizandra Winter and Kaleidoskoop at the planned concerts. The musicians will be sharing some of their own material and will also be doing some remarkable collaborations.

The first MUSIEK SOOS GROND concert will take place this coming weekend in Bloemfontein at Villa Avianto (Bloemfontein) and on 4 May in Pretoria at The Big Red Barn


27 April 2019 – Villa Avianto, Bloemfontein
4 May 2019 – The Big Red Barn, Pretoria

Doors will open at 17h00 and close at 22h00. Guests are welcome to bring along their picnic blankets, camping chairs or pillows to sit on while enjoying this spectacular event.

Tickets will be available from and prices will range between R200 and R250 per person.

Follow Liani Reynolds:  Facebook | Instagram

Helen Desbois is an award-winning singer, actress and radio presenter who has always had a knack for the entertainment industry. The star recently made her musical comeback as she joined forces with Australian producer Byron Keno for ‘The Start Of Something Good’ and as the single continues to build momentum, Helen shares ten fun facts you may have not known about her.

  1. Helen is a qualified sailor. She completed her courses in Durban and even got invited to train on the South African team for the Whitbread Round The World Race in 1995. Sadly, she had to decline as she was shooting a TV series at the time.
  2. Helen is a SAMA nominee. She was nominated in the ‘Best Pop Single’ category back in 2002 for her hit single ‘Anything’ which went on to top a number of charts nationwide.
  3. Helen was one of the housemates for the first season of Celebrity Big Brother South Africa in 2002 which went on to raise R2 million for charity.
  4. Helen is Madonna-obsessed and has played Madonna in two shows that toured South Africa.
  5. Helen has cemented herself as a radio legend. She has been nominated for eight radio award nominations. She took home an award for best Daytime Presenter in 2012 and Best Newsreader in 2018. This year, she is nominated for Best Night Time Show for the popular entertainment show ‘Showbiz In Full HD’, which she hosts on Mix FM.
  6. Helen performed in the touring production of 'We Will Rock You' in New Zealand and Korea in its 2007/2008 season and even got to play the lead role of Scaramouche.
  7. Helen hates walking downstairs. She had a nasty fall once and has been nervous ever since.
  8. Helen sung in an Afrikaans girl group called Blond 3 alongside Mirka Erasmus and the late Irene van Wyk. “It was so much fun being on the road and touring all the small dorpies in South Africa,” she says.
  9. Helen’s debut solo single ‘The Monday Club’ was released under the name Miss B Have. This was the only single under the pseudonym and Helen decided to release all future material under her own name.
  10. Helen is moving to Dublin! “We are going to be living just south of Dublin in a place called Dún Laoghaire. It’s a beautiful harbour town,” she says. Helen will be releasing her new single ’The Start Of Something Good’ in Ireland and into Europe for the summer. She also plans to get on to radio there and will continue to push her entertainment website Showbiz In Full HD from there.


Download or stream ‘The Start Of Something Good’ here!

PRETORIA, GAUTENG, 26 March 2019 – A night of rock 'n roll, that took you back to the times of the 80's where Led Zeppelin and AC/DC ruled the world...sold out BLACK BONE LAGER beer, dancers, creative lights and pyrotechnics, Black Bone Nation surely pulled out all of the stops for their BLACKED OUT international tour kick-off show on 22 March 2019 at Railways Cafe - Centurion, Pretoria.

The band has only been playing live for over a year now, and have already punched the South African music scene in the gut with their old school rock sound, with modern influences and stage production concepts, redefining the way club shows are produced and performed.
black bone nation bannerThe 22 March kick-off show propelled the boys into their year-long international BLACKED OUT tour, seeing them travelling throughout South Africa, Europe and the USA, with more dates being added as the band's presence spreads across the globe.

Zakk Styles, frontman of Black Bone Nation had the following to say; "...the first show was a blast, we double sold out as we had to make more tickets available on the evening for people wanting to watch the show! We had such a great time with everyone, and they made us feel very special...we hope to carry that South African spirit overseas with us during the tour..." 

Now with their very own lager beer, branded "Black Bone Lager" (Which sold out on launch night as well), the band is expanding on its brand identity as a rock 'n roll freight train, as well as releasing their second studio album 'Born To Rock' in late 2019.

Be sure to get your tickets a show near you from  

Keep up with all the latest news, BLACKED OUT tour dates, and more on Black Bone Nation's Social Media and Digital Networks;

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | iTunes | Spotify | YouTube

Black Bone Nation is the walking, talking, living, breathing, fist-pumping embodiment of all that hard rock has encompassed since the movement began. Fun-loving, rip-roaring, hard partying and filled with melodic danger and grinning optimism, Black Bone Nation craft underdog-championing anthems with reckless abandon.

Follow Black Bone Nation: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | iTunes | Spotify | YouTube

This is Flèche (Paris, FR), four fans of, The GetUp Kids, having each previously played in a bunch of bands and now trying to mix the thick rock and harmonies of Alice in Chains with the technical pop of Minus the Bear. What we like is to make the melody that alternates soft verses and heavy choruses.

After a very pop first LP with a lot of effects and atmosphere, we wanted to go back to something rougher that makes us having fun on stage. We, therefore, purify the base of the pieces as much as possible.


The LP was done in two sessions. The first one was supposed to be a demo to work with, the 6 songs were recorded live (all 4 of us in the same room) in one day. Half a day of dubbing left and 2 days of singing. The result convinced us to keep it as the basis of the album. We did the second session 6 months later under the same conditions. We wanted melodic and clear verses and ultra dynamic and saturated choruses. Big, drooling fuzz!

But as we're emo kids, we're still pretty sad melody on these borderline grunge passages. We talk about things in our lives, usually the negative ones. So instead of talking about it, we make it into songs.

Watch 'Gold and Black' (Official Music Video)

The album 'Do Not Return Fire' is set to be released on 3rd May 2019 on sea blue transparent vinyl, cd and digital on Krod Records.

Follow Flèche: FacebookTwitterInstagramSpotify | Deezer | Apple Music | Shop

Money For Bali is without a doubt, one of the most energetic and yet, easy going outfits to hit the South African music scene. Naturally, you might be a bit sceptical of this claim especially if you are still unfamiliar with this funky music outfit, but these guys only need to be given one chance to prove to newcomers in their audience why fans keep coming back for more. This month they are back at it and planning to raise the roof with their live launch event and you need to make sure you don’t miss this one. The event is a celebration of their latest single, ‘Eyes Like Fire’. This catchy new house track was created from the group’s inspiration of the rhythm and feel of the genre and serves as a testament to their love for South African house music. What makes it such a unique track is their ability to still blend their unique flavour and fresh sound into it, which has become synonymous with Money For Bali.

mone for bali banner

Catch the exclusive live performance of their new single on Friday night, 29 March at The Raptor Room in Cape Town.

Available on iTunes and SPOTIFY

“The title of the song describes the feeling of locking eyes with your partner on the dance floor and literally burning up inside. You know when your heart does that little ‘flutter!’ kind of palpitation”, explains Stefan Botha on the meaning behind their new single. He also comments that “listeners would definitely be met with a bit of a pleasant surprise as the track is something completely different from what we have released before. For those who are hearing us for the first time, we hope that the track piques their interest and motivates them to investigate our music. All in all, the shock factor is there, however one thing we always keep reminding ourselves of is to never forget where we came from and to never forget our influences. So we tried making something new with a tweak”.


In recent months, they’ve rolled into the year reggae style and have hit the sweet spots with their new releases so far in 2019. Their previous single ‘No Milk’ was given a proper send-off with its accompanying music video, available to watch on YouTube. The track has also been added to some notable radio playlists and is currently climbing its way up on MFM’s Top 40 chart. They’ve also further celebrated their new music with a well-received performance at this year's esteemed Up The Creek Festival. But it hasn’t stopped there... A new song called 'Student life' made its way into fans’ eardrums and another kick-ass live performance video was made and is available to enjoy below!

money bali

Money for Bali is a five-piece band from the Mother City, Cape Town. The band first started when Stefan Botha and Nick Enslin met whilst Studying molecular biology. They soon became friends and started jamming. Soon after that, they reached out to their mutual friend Tim Welsh, due to his formal music education, in order to develop their creativity and musicality. This lead to the formation of the Money for Bali trio. Although the writing process was fruitful, producing the songs ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Don't Know’, the trio craved a fuller, more coherent band unit. Tim approached bassist Stephen de Souza and drummer Ray Morgan, his two friends from music college, with the proposition of a five-piece band. After a successful trial jam in April 2016, Stephen and Ray both decided to join the band. Their first performance as a five-piece band was at "The Battle of the Buskers" event on the secondary stage at Mercury in July 2016. They have since been performing at various events and festivals both in and around Cape Town. They also took a serious step forward as a band when they decided to go into recording with the well renowned Peter Pearlson at the Academy of Sound Engineering in December 2016, releasing their debut EP called ‘Sex, Wax and Salty Cracks’ in May 2016.

Follow MONEY FOR BALI: Website | Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | YouTube

22nd March 2019, Johannesburg – Josh Kempen releases his highly anticipated new single ‘Need Some Company’. The single is his first new music in over 2 years and represents a bold move forward for the singer/songwriter.

After a writing hiatus in Australia, Josh Kempen returned to South Africa with a bunch of songs and a determination to stay true to his sound whilst embracing his home culture. His first foray into embracing African artistry is heard on ‘Need Some Company’ with its subtle but powerful call and response vocals from the Zulu vocal group ‘Soulphia Town’.

This is what Josh had to say about ‘Need Some Company’ - "It's a song about mistakes, nostalgia and loneliness. But inexplicably, it fills me with hope. "

Previously nominated as "Songwriter of the Year" by SAMRO and ‘Newcomer Of The Month’ by Apple Music, Josh Kempen surely has bigger things coming his way.  His debut album ‘The Morning Show’ entered the SA iTunes Chart at #3.


Earthstate is a new alternative rock band from Lyon, France. The band consists of Stane Jackson (vocals) Maxime Divetain (guitar), Dewi Morel (bass) and Thibs Gillie (drums). After building a strong friendship, they all wanted to build an ultimate project to share their influences, their ambitions and their vision of the world.

The first two singles 'No Turning Back' and 'Castle in the Air', released early 2019, have announced the colour of their debut self-titled album. Available everywhere since March 22nd, this record is definitely full of catchy choruses, wild riffs, and ambient/modern melodies! On this new release, the band comments:

The album tells the story of a fictional character who decides to leave his daily routine which he does not really enjoy. He goes off to face the unknown and build a better life in a place he doesn't know (another city, another country, another planet?). Each song of the album will tell a part of his journey, from the moment he decides to leave, until the arrival in his new fictional el-dorado, 'Earthstate'.

He goes through all kinds of adventures and emotions, like euphoria, doubt, fear and determination. This travel story will not be deliberately obvious at the first listening or at the first reading of the lyrics. The objective is that the listener can also compare each adventure lived by our character to real events in his daily life. For example, the first single 'No Turning Back' talks about the importance of irreversible decisions that we have to make sometimes and the consequences that we must assume later.”

Earthstate Album Cover front

Album design by Maggy Tab

The band goes further: “In the end, the main message of the album is that nothing is impossible if you give yourself the means, no matter the obstacles you will encounter on the road that will prevent you from starting because you're scared of failing! Life is way too short to stay in an overwhelming routine that keeps us from being happy! If you have projects, dreams, passions: Do it! As the French proverb says, “whoever tries nothing has nothing! 

Follow Earthstate: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |Spotify | YouTube | Bandcamp

After the wide-spread critical acclaim for their debut album Black Wolf City, New Wave of South African Heavy Metal protagonists Deadline, are back with a brand new single High Tops & Bullet Belts. From the synth wave inspired intro to the pummeling rhythms, soaring vocals and triple guitar attack the song brings the 80’s kicking and screaming into the 21st century and makes it feel right at home.

Frontman Jessy Switchblade delves a little deeper into the inspiration behind it all, ‘In a time where superhero movies have become so popular, we decided to write a tune about a group of heavy metal superheroes. (Who wear high-tops and bullet belts of course, haha!) It’s a song about power and revenge which ultimately results in the band/superheroes taking over their town, with the focus still strongly on the fictitious city we built with our debut album, Black Wolf City. The artwork is a tribute to the current synth-wave music movement which is currently taking the world by storm and the track itself kicks off with a 52-second synth intro. We thought we would be a little more dynamic and it is to date our most ambitious track.’

deadline high tops bullet belts

Listen to High Tops & Bullet Belts below!

Available now on all digital platforms including;  BandcampSpotifyDeezerApple Music

About Deadline

Deadline is Jessy Switchblade (Vocals), Raven Chaos (Guitars), The Skullprit (Guitars), Judge Mental (Guitars), Baz Steel (Bass) and Dizzy Styxx (Drums and backing vocals) Deadline started out as a fun hobby, playing their first show at a friend’s house party on 7 March 2015.

After two shows, the band parted ways with their original drummer Dead-Leigh and he was replaced by current drummer Dizzy Styxx. The band took a few months off so that Dizzy could learn all the material and returned to the live circuit in September 2015 playing a few more gigs in and around Gauteng. The band gained popularity when they partook in the Battle of the Bands, where the winning band would open for Iron Maiden during their South African Leg of their Book of Souls tour in 2016, where they lost in the final. Later that year, they were nominated for a SAMMA (South African Metal Music Awards) in the category ‘best trash metal Band’ but did not win the award.

In 2017 they partook in the ‘Battle for Wacken’ competition as well as the yearly Emalyth Arts and Metal Expo, at the time, one of the biggest metal festivals in Gauteng. Later that year, they were nominated for three SAMMA’s, winning the ‘best newcomer’ award and missing out on the ‘best live act’ and ‘best thrash metal’ award. They released their first single ‘Hostage Demonica’ on 29 September 2017. The single was released not only to promote their upcoming debut album but also to create hype for their first appearance at Krank’d Up music festival, one of the only music festivals in South Africa to feature international acts. On 14 October 2017 Deadline released their debut album, ‘Black Wolf City’ worldwide and followed up with their first tour of South Africa. The tour took them to Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg. Deadline kicked 2018 off the best way possible by playing at the 11th edition of Metal4Africa’s SummerFest in Cape Town. In April 2018 they were nominated for 3 more SAMMA awards, winning ‘best live act’ and ‘best old school metal Band’ and narrowly losing out in ‘best album’ category. They also released their first music video for their track Bloodbeast that month.

Deadline took the rest of the year off to promote their album through the rest of South Africa playing shows at Port Elizabeth, Grahamstown and Bloemfontein playing their first international show in Botswana too. In September 2018 Judge Mental joined on guitar and Deadline upgraded to three guitarists following in the footsteps of Iron Maiden. They are currently working on their sophomore album entitled Cathedral Point which is part two in the Black Wolf City story. The album will be recorded and released later this year.

Follow DEADLINE: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Join us at Sugar Rush Park for another star-studded Marriott Ballito Beats concert.

Watershed, one of South Africa’s most successful and well-loved bands will be embarking on a national tour of South Africa for 12 months and Ballito locals are lucky enough to be on the list to see the iconic band performing right here in their backyard.

Sugar Rush Park in Ballito will once again come alive with the sounds of laughter, happy chatter and live music as North Coast fans come together for a fun, family day out. And what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon, than listening to the up-tempo acoustic sounds of the highly acclaimed 5 piece band.

To date, the multi-platinum artists have released 5 studio albums, along with a greatest hits album during their 18-year career, as well as receiving 2 SAMA awards for the best pop album. They are also multiple winners of SA's best band award by People Magazine. On Sunday the 7th of April, they will be bringing their musical excellence, along with almost two decades of music and memories to KZN.

Eighteen years after the release of their debut album ‘in the meantime’, Watershed have put together their 6th studio album ‘Harbour'. This South African music success story has had a string of radio singles that way surpasses the years they have been around. The crowd is in for a treat, with a mix of old favourites like ‘Indigo girl’, ‘Fine way’ and ‘Letters’ plus a selection of up-tempo, groove-filled, bass-driven tracks from the new album.

The band has toured and had major success in the big European territories performing alongside some of the biggest names in world music, such as U2, Peter Gabriel, Bob Geldof, The Corrs, The Cranberries. Craig Hinds, lead singer and songwriter for the band has built a career on lyrics and melodies that have touched his fans and consistently grown a following with every album the band has produced.

Opening act Tanner Wareham will also be performing for the first time on the Ballito Beats stage. Together with drummer Reece Cook, the duo will warm up the crowds with a series of alternative pop tracks, catchy hooks and instrumental arrangements.


The Watershed concert will take place on Sunday the 7th of April. Gates will open at 13h00, with supporting act Tanner Wareham performing from 14h00 and Watershed on stage from 15h30. Early bird tickets cost R135 for adults. Thereafter, tickets will be on sale for R150 each for adults. R80 for children between 6 and 12, and R20 for children under 6. Tickets are available now on

The Marriott Ballito Beats series promises to bring even more great entertainment with their next two upcoming shows; with the returning stage-legends Ard Matthews and Arno Carstens on Sunday the 11th of August, as they combine their musical expertise for another crowd-pleasing, and banter-filled set. Then on Sunday the 6th of October, the hugely popular Parlotones will be back once again to entertain the 3000-strong crowd with their sing-along favourites.

Two Door Cinema Club have revealed new single ‘Talk’. Unveiled last night on BBC Radio 1 as Annie Mac’s ‘Hottest Record In The World’, the track is a joyfully off-kilter modernist pop masterclass, combining synth and electro-pop elements, spiralling left-field by way of broadside shots of wonky disco.

‘Talk’ is TDCC’s first new music since the success of 2016 album Gameshow - yet another UK top 5 album from the Bangor three-piece and a campaign which saw them sell out two night’s at London’s Alexandra Palace, draw one of the biggest Pyramid stage crowds of the weekend Glastonbury and complete the album cycle with a truly glorious headline set at London’s Community Festival in Finsbury Park - a show that saw them selling 35,000 tickets, marking their biggest headline show to date.

Two Door are a band who have spent their careers breaking down, reshuffling and rebuilding the parameters of pop, and ‘Talk’ is laden with the hooks, humour and wry social commentary that have kept them streets ahead of the field for the last decade.

Speaking about the new song, singer Alex Trimble explains: “I love the pop thing. I love experimenting and going to different places, I love doing things that are a little bit wonky and I love the idea of doing something we haven’t done before, why can’t we do all of those things at once? That’s what it was, doing whatever felt right… It sounds like Two Door Cinema Club – not a Two Door Cinema Club there’d ever been before but that’s what I love. We can always do something new but it always feels like something we’ve done.”

‘Talk’ was recorded and produced in London and LA by longtime collaborator Jacknife Lee (U2, The Killers, REM). Reflecting the truly global nature of Two Door Cinema Club’s appeal, the reveal of ‘Talk’ was teased internationally last week with a series of Billboards in London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Sydney, New York City and Mexico City. See interactive billboard in Shoreditch, London here. The track is accompanied by a wonderfully playful video directed by Namibian-German conceptual artist and designer Max Sidentopf (who recently made the news with his Toto Forever installation).

‘Talk’ is also Two Door’s first release on the Prolifica Inc label, a new venture with PIAS and their long-standing management company that puts TDCC firmly in control of all aspects of their recordings and career. With over 2 Million albums and 1.5 Million tickets sold worldwide, and more than 2 Billion Streams and 300 Million views on Vevo and Youtube, with ‘Talk’ Two Door Cinema Club are beautifully poised to continue their dominance as one of the UK’s brightest and most enduring success stories of recent years.

Two Door Cinema Club are Alex Trimble, Sam Halliday and Kevin Baird.

Follow Two Door Cinema Club Here: Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Follow Gallo Record Company online: Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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