Four Stars Featured on Spotify's New Punk Tracks & Punk Unleashed

Four Stars Featured on Spotify's New Punk Tracks & Punk Unleashed

Four Stars Featured on Spotify's New Punk Tracks & Punk Unleashed

By Press Release / News / Wednesday, 22 January 2020 05:33

"If you haven’t already, it’s time to take note of Four Stars." - Idobi Radio


Four Stars, simply put, is a Chicago based pop-punk band currently at the forefront of their genre. Stepping forth from a burgeoning underground scene, the band has all the trimmings you’ve come to expect from the genre—without any of the clichéd pitfalls. Distilling the humour, heartbreak, emotional honesty, and even lightheartedness of traditional pop-punk—while tossing aside the misogyny and narcissism— Four Stars has cultivated a sound synonymous with next-gen pop-punk.

Recording their sophomore EP Headspace (due Feb. 29th) was a dream come true for the band Four Stars, as they were able to work with Nick Diener of The Swellers. "The Swellers are one of our favorite bands and having Nick's expertise in the studio truly made an amazing impact on our production," says vocalist Aida Ahmed. Standout tracks include the uncomfortably honest and melodically hypnotic 'Small Hands, Small Spaces' and the emo-tinged 'Alacrity' about coming face-to-face with your problems and overcoming them.

Formerly known as Tougher Than You Thought, the Chicago-based band hold their values and their roots close to heart. Their recent name change was brought on by precisely this quality – a move designed to reflect those infamous four red stars on the city’s flag.

Originally brought together by a shared desire to enter a Battle Of The Bands contest, back in 2017, Four Stars have since found themselves opening for the likes of Boys Of Fall, Oh Weatherly, and Never Loved. Their previous videos and releases have amassed tens of thousands of plays online, and their live-show visuals simply furthers that reach and reinforces the fact that this is a band of songwriters and performers well worth knowing about.


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