Hot Water’s Brand New Single, ‘HOME’, Out Now

Hot Water’s Brand New Single, ‘HOME’, Out Now

Hot Water’s Brand New Single, ‘HOME’, Out Now

By Press Release / News / Thursday, 21 May 2020 12:41

"Be kind to each other. The World needs it right now" - Majozi

"This is only temporary. It has to be. It's impossible that this can last forever. I know this time has been difficult, for some more than others, but hang in there. Or sit in there. Or lie down in there. Whatever is easiest." - Schalk Bezuidenhout

"Make things. Use your hands. Connect again to the simplicity that creation brings. And then turn that inspiration outwards towards those that need your help." - Jeremy Loops

HOME Single Cover

“HOME captures the feminine side of Hot Water. I think we live in a world where the feminine and masculine principles are out of balance, and this causes a lot of unhappiness. There is a kind of rebalancing going on at the moment - it’s like we are being forced inwards, forced to be more quiet. I cried a lot writing this song. When I perform it now, it leaves me in a space of complete silence. Although I wrote and recorded Home entirely on my own, the music video brought together so many incredible people. I want to thank each and every one of them for their generous contribution to the spirit of this project.”  Donovan Copley (Hot Water)

Donovan Copley, frontman of Cape Town Afro-Pop band Hot Water, delivers a heartwarming lockdown music video for the brand-new single ‘Home’ to raise funds for the Covid-19 Feed a Child Coalition. The music video features appearances from celebs such as Passenger, Jeremy Loops, Jules from Goodluck, Arno Carstens, Sandra Prinsloo, David Kramer, Zak Hendrikz, Majozi, Jack Parow, and many.

‘Home’ is also available now across all digital platforms

Some of South Africa’s biggest names in the entertainment industry, in front and behind the cameras, have united for the quarantine music video of ‘Home’. 

Watch the music video for ‘Home’ below!

As much as 100% of proceeds across all platforms will be going to the Feed a Child Coalition which distributes food parcels to those in need due to the devastating impact of Covid-19. There are other ways to help too: Donations are welcome, but so are views and shares. The music video is as much an ode to humanity and the connectedness of the Human Spirit despite physical disconnection, as it is about the Fundraiser.

Celebrated filmmaker Uga Carlini from Towerkop Creations directed and produced, and award-winning Left Post handled the post-production.

Participants from sixteen countries have lent their talents to the collaboration of ‘Home’ and over five hours worth of footage was received for the four-minute music video. 

"In times like these, all we can give one another is love." - Sandra Prinsloo – Actress

"As a nation, we are more resilient when we stand together. We might not be in the same boat, but we are all in the same storm. Whenever I feel down, I ask myself: How I can add value? How can I be more generous? I decided to give 40 hours of pro bono coaching to people struggling to cope with the lockdown period. The experience has reminded me once again: The people of our country need more empathy and less judgement. Stay kind and compassionate."  - Marciel Hopkins – Model & Presenter

The Story of ‘Home’:
Donovan Copley is a father to three young boys and when he heard there were kids going hungry during this crisis - it really struck home. I wrote this song last year as a way to deal with challenges in myself and what I saw others dealing with and in the world.”
From recording the song to getting the video made, Copley explains how it all came about, saying When I was confronted by the massive challenge that we are all facing at this time in so many different ways, ‘Home’ rose to the surface as an answer to the question ‘How can I be of service in the face of this?’”
Inside of this question, he picked up the phone and called a very unique and special film-maker he knew.
Let’s do something magical in the face of this crises!” and Copley’s call to Uga creates a conversation that leads to this great project.
Copley and Uga started work on the idea for the video for ‘Home’ and the concept was a brilliant one.
“When I was conceptualising the ideas around the video, one thing was clear to me from the word get go: the performances needed to be as honest and raw as the song,” explains Uga. “Hence, we see stars like we will probably never get to see them again - in their homes like all of us without their stylists, makeup artists etc and the quality of the footage varies as phones, lighting and surroundings did. I also wanted to give guidance but not manipulate. The brief was sent out and we left it to interpretation.”
The response from everyone was overwhelming and for a four-minute video, they had over five hours of footage to work with. And no one was treated any different. Stars received the same air time as the everyday women and men who appear in the video.
Uga continues, saying “There are also no individual credits for those in the video as we really all are in this together and this virus certainly doesn't care who you are. I’ve never been so touched by footage. And there is something about the process, people giving so freely; from the creatives working on this, the NGO’s, government, to those who send in videos, that touched me deeply. I don't think anyone of us can be the same after this. And maybe we shouldn’t be…”

ALL REVENUE, across any and all platforms, for the song and music video (radio royalties, YouTube, direct donations to fund, licensing of track and video) during the Covid-19 Pandemic will go to the Covid-19 Feed a Child Coalition.
Message to all HOME All proceeds in its entirety will be going to the Covid-19 Feed a Child Coalition.

Donate by:
Name of Account Holder: City of Cape Town
Name of Banker: Nedbank Ltd
Bank Account Number: 1158667035
Branch name: Corporate Cape
Type of account: Current
Universal Code: 198765 (Nedbank South Africa)
Swift Number (To be used with offshore payments): NEDSZAJJ
Reference Number: 198056124
Or simply take a photo of below icon with your phone and follow the prompts:
Hot Water busqr image

Everyone involved has shot their footage on cellphones and the virtual workflow has seen editor Joe De Ornelas and colourist Jarryd DuThoit from Left Post Productions and designer Maryke Sutherland from Tinbird join the creatives team.
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Some of the well-known faces include:
Mike Rosenberg – Musician (aka Passenger)
Jeremy Loops - Musician / Band 
Nik Rabinowitz - Comedian 
Juliet Harding (Goodluck) - Musician / Band 
Majozi - Musician
KG - Comedian 
Siv Ngesi - Comedian / Actor
Nandi Nyembe - Actress 
Franck Dangeroux - Chef 
Jeremiah Mofokeng – Actor
Godfrey Johnson – Pianist, Cabaret Artist & Actor
Robyn Scott – Actress
Jason Ralph – Actor
Morag Steyn – Celebrity Makeup Artist
Zak Hendrikz – Actor
Leroux van Diemen – Actor
Antoinette Louw - Actress
Christia Visser – Actress & Singer
Sandra Prinsloo – Actress
David Kramer - Musician / Playwright
Arno Carstens - Musician 
Schalk Bezuidenhout - Comedian 
Jack Parow - Musician 
Marciel Hopkins – Model & Presenter
Erica Wessels – Actress
Music video Feeding Scheme participants:
The Lavender Hill Sports and Recreational Foundation
Khayelitsha Art School and Rehabilitation Centre (KASI RC)
House of Love
Noorul Islam Mosques (NIM) of Ocean View and Simon's Town
BamBoo Plant Fundraiser
Breadline Africa
Ladies of Love
Countries participants: South Africa | Fiji | United Kingdom | Spain | Italy
The United States of America | Egypt | India | Switzerland | Zimbabwe
Israel | Malawi | Netherlands | New Zealand | France | Ireland



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