Jeri Silverman Reveals Dark And Moody Music Video

Pictured: Jeri Silverman - music video still from 'Come Undone' Pictured: Jeri Silverman - music video still from 'Come Undone' Photo Credit - Gavin Goodman

Jeri Silverman Reveals Dark And Moody Music Video

By Press Release / News / Tuesday, 10 September 2019 09:25

“Jeri Silverman - Come Undone” Out Now Across All Digital Platforms

The new music video for the single 'Come Undone', by Cape Town-based ambient indie-folk artist Jeri Silverman, depicts a shadowy dance through the unspoken appetites of the inner self. Silverman is followed going about a daily routine, but each frame plays a trick on the eye with something slightly off-kilter. It’s a quirky beauty muddled with a dark moody aesthetic to present the idea of things not being exactly as they seem. “Come Undone” is Silverman’s latest single which was released August 23rd.

Watch the Music Video for 'Come Undone' below!

Based in New York for a few years and returning home to Cape Town, Silverman had to regroup. Directed by photographer Gavin Goodman, and shot by Thomas Roos, the video plays with how we imagine ourselves to be. The video features a male counterpart dancing alongside Silverman, whose hands ‘brush her teeth’ and ‘wash her hair’. Is he her lover or just another aspect of her fragmented self? The two perform multiple choreographed dance routines in the dimly lit room, the moody aesthetic further alluding to the hidden thoughts that lurk within. While Silverman’s selves "come together" to find this new rhythm, it is both a hint towards a deeper longing to truly come undone as much as it is a dance to be with these deeper parts.
With just a peek of golden light shining through each dusky room, Silverman conspires with her innermost desires to reject the ordinary. Walking with stillness and serenity, the delusions build within. Silverman calmly jumps into a pool wearing a glistening evening gown, floating peacefully on the surface, her black dress and dark hair billowing around her. The uninhibited essence of the song roams freely across the viewer’s mind, as Silverman is left to sit with her stories.

Between each passionate chorus, the single slows down to a more discrete, mellow stream, expressing the shifts of internal exploration Silverman encountered upon her return home. The dichotomy of holding emotions and desires deep inside, yet not feeling supported to express them is directly mirrored in the musical composition of “Come Undone”, as each sporadic element lingers in the twilight before finding their chance to burst free. 

Praise for Jeri Silverman

“Few releases in the singer/songwriter genre will capture people’s attention like this EP from South African born Jeri Silverman” - Cyrus Rhodes, No Depression
“This is a performer with songs that won’t waste your time. The talent here burns so bright that missing it would be a shame” - Joshua Stryde, Music Existence

“a unique voice rising out of the indie scene” - William Elgin, Indiemunity

“Jeri Silverman isn’t a cliché and her EP Leaflike is a work of musical art” - Shannon Cowden, Indie Music Review

“She’s a technically gifted singer with the rare ability to utilize technique in a way that enhances emotiveness” - Gilbert Mullis, Gashouse Radio

“Silverman brings exquisite emotional range to bear in her vocal and it helps embody the quiet, but desperate, longing lurking within the song’s speaker” - Lance Wright, All What’s Rock

“there’s no question listening to these songs that Silverman is a formidable talent destined to deepen and transform the scene. Her cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ is far from a throwaway stab at mainstream attention” - Bradley Johnson, Indie Artists Alliance

Jeri Silverman's 'Come Undone' available on all streaming media.



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