L.A. GUNS Release New Album RENEGADES

L.A. GUNS Release New Album RENEGADES

L.A. GUNS Release New Album RENEGADES

By / News / Friday, 13 November 2020 07:40

It may be superstitious to some, but is there any better way to spend Friday 13th than to celebrate it with the release of a new L.A. GUNS album? The Hollywood Vampires have the cure for your Paraskevidekatriaphobia and it’s called Renegades and it's out NOW via Golden Robot Records on digital, CD and vinyl!

Renegades is the brand-new album from L.A. GUNS (Steve Riley, Kelly Nickels, Scott Griffin, Kurt Frohlich) and has produced 3 smash singles 'Crawl', 'Well Oiled Machine' and 'Renegades'.

L.A. GUNS always have been and always will be Renegades, it is almost an autobiographical representation of the band.

"Hey guys, here it is!! We can’t wait for you all to hear the full album, Renegades. We are so proud of it and we hope you all have a great time rocking out to it. Hope to see you soon on the road. In the meantime. Enjoy the album." - Steve Riley

Listen to 'All That You Are' below!

Earlier this week as a further teaser, L.A. Guns released a new and 4th single All That You Are, just ahead of the release of Renegades! All That You Are it is yet another rock classic from a band at the peak of their game!

"Almost a year ago to the day I took a plane from New York to LA to record this album. We all put a lot of work into it we’re super proud of it. It’s the best recording experience I’ve ever had... we hope it helps you get through the day a little easier." Kelly Nickels

Watch the making of 'Crawl'!

If there was a band synonymous with the infamous Sunset Strip it is L.A. GUNS. Born into a scene that will never be replicated, L.A. GUNS rode alongside Motley Crue, Guns n’ Roses, Ratt, Poison, Quiet Riot and co. in one of the biggest movements in music history. L.A. GUNS are without a doubt Hollywood rock royalty. 
Fast forward to 2020 and they’re truly on top of their game and enjoying an absolute resurgence in their long and distinguished career. L.A. GUNS have managed to retain their streetwise integrity whilst fitting seamlessly into today’s rock market.

Heavily plugged into their loyal fan base, L.A. GUNS have now released their brand-new album, Renegades, on vinyl, CD, digital and exclusive bundles. The record has already seen 3 smash singles; the title track, 'Renegades', 'Crawl' and 'Well Oiled Machine', (which gained a position and cover placement on Spotify’s esteemed "Hard Rock" playlist).   

With more than 30 years of noteworthy material, L.A. GUNS have positioned themselves as true heroes of the rock 'n' roll genre, bringing their iconic L.A. sound to audiences around the world. 

L.A. Guns Renegades Digital Album Cover

Buy/Stream Renegades today!


01. Don't Wanna Know
02. Renegades
03. Would 
04. All That You Are
05. Witchcraft
06. You Can't Walk Away
07. Lost Boys
08. Well Oiled Machine
09. Why Ask Why
10. Crawl 

To celebrate the release of Renegades, five limited-edition L.A. Guns bundles have been put together for fans to choose from:

ULTIMATE Fan Legend Bundle

Includes red, white & blue vinyl + CD + t-shirt + signed 8 x 10 photo
+ LA Guns patch + LA Guns sticker + LA Guns button

SUPER Fan Legend Bundle 

Includes red, white & blue vinyl + CD

Aussie Priority Fan Bundle

Includes purple vinyl + CD + t-shirt 

Well Oiled Machine Fan Bundle 

Includes clear vinyl + CD

'I Don’t Own a Record Player' CD bundle

Includes CD + LA Guns sticker (banner or skull)

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