Oshri’s New Single is Tempting

Oshri’s New Single is Tempting

Oshri’s New Single is Tempting

By Press Release / News / Monday, 01 July 2019 12:15

One Of SA’s Most Successful International Singing Exports, Oshri, Signs Record Deal With Gallo Record Company In SA Resulting In Even Closer Ties Locally

Be prepared to hear a lot more of SA’s successful international singing export, Oshri, who resides between Cape Town, Los Angeles and New York. He has just signed a record deal with Gallo Record Company in South Africa, which ties him even closer to Mzansi, and is celebrated with the release of his brand new single and music video that will make you want it Right Now.

Commenting on his latest single, Right Now (written by Oshri, Max Stark and Phynx, who also produced the song), Oshri shares: “The song is all about instant gratification. All three of us are artists who live in Los Angeles and we often take a ride on the ‘mood swing train’. Sometimes we all feel something we don’t want to feel and we need something ‘right now’ to make us forget about it, even if it’s just for a short period of time.”

He says that he, therefore, hopes that the song will take listeners to this better place they might long for. With Right Now, Oshri experimented with some R&B sounds which also contains some electronic dance music elements. And if you want to hear more about what Oshri is referring to, get your first taste of 'Right Now' at #rightnow

If you hear some vocals on the second verse of Right Now that makes you wonder it is Oshri or not, the latter will be correct. Max Stark vocally collaborates with Oshri on this soon-to-be-hit. “Max is a ‘dope’ singer from Reno and moved to Los Angeles not too long ago. I encourage everyone to listen to his music on some of the streaming platforms. He’s got some cool tunes out,” comments Oshri.

He continues: “We actually all met at a dinner party I had at my place in Hollywood. The vibe between us was amazing so we set aside a time to get together and write. At first, it looked like nothing was going to happen, but then all of a sudden the energy shifted and things started to fall into place. Once we got going, we couldn’t stop and it ended up being an all-nighter. It was honestly one of the best writing sessions I had in my life and I had many! I believe the magic formula was that we were there for the love of music, without focusing too much about what needs to come out of it.”

Watch The music video for 'Right Now' below! 

For the music video of 'Right Now', it was actually the first time that Oshri wasn’t involved in the making of it. Oshri and his team gave guidelines to the creative team, together with the message they were trying to communicate, and allowed the director to do what felt right to him.

“I love the end result,” enthuses Oshri. “It shows pretty much the different things people do or go through to ‘get out of their heads’. There is not one way that is better than any other. But I think everyone is going to identify with at least one of the ways to escape showcased in the music video. I’m really proud of it and can’t wait for everyone to see it”

Oshri says 'Right Now' is the first single off his EP that he is releasing soon and fans can expect some other mega-hits he has been working on for months.

“But for now - please enjoy Right Now. It’s one of the best songs I’ve released so I’m incredibly excited and want everyone to hear it! I honestly believe is has something very special to it that people haven’t heard in some time,” Oshri concludes.

Where to get 'Right Now'

COVER ART Oshri Right Now

'Right Now' is available on all digital platforms and can also be enjoyed on all popular streaming sites.

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