Sincerely Anne Unveils Her New Single 'She’s on Fire'

Sincerely Anne Unveils Her New Single 'She’s on Fire' Ross Mellow van "Hybrid Fusion"

Sincerely Anne Unveils Her New Single 'She’s on Fire'

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Sincerely Anne’s latest single, SHE’S ON FIRE has a rather intense message, yet fun and inspiring, to capture the hearts of women around the world. “There are already enough obstacles and mindsets against us in this world. Our demons tell us we are not good enough, that we are not that which we sometimes envy,” she says. “We all have amazing virtues, bravery, and strength within us. We just need to try and see it - and we need to show each other that.”

SHE’S ON FIRE, which boasts a fresh reggae-pop sound, is an uplifting song that challenges women to be good to and inspire one another, according to the singer. “It is an upbeat song, with a quirky positive message that is very relatable. I want us all, including myself, to recognise and transcend above negativity and strive to be better to ourselves and each other, for the sake of our future generations of females... even if we don’t always get it right all of the time.”

Written by the artist – who is known as much for her ability to entwine soulful lyrics with captivating melodies as she is for her invigorated approach to songwriting – the song was inspired by the idea that no one loses anything by building up another person. At the end of the day it is not a race and one woman’s triumph becomes a victory for all women.

“I have found inspiration by observing such good vibe women close to me; like my friends, women who are ‘on fire’, and whom I admire. I see it in women like Miss Nigeria (Nyekachi Douglas) whose beautiful reaction to Miss Jamaica winning Miss World went viral; women like our own Zozibini who has advocated for education for girls and women and for igniting female leadership,” the musician explains.

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SHE’S ON FIRE, which showcases her soothing yet powerful voice, follows in the footsteps of her previous single release, Poison, which was very well received and got playlisted on various big radio stations nationwide and earned her a fast-growing following.

She currently lives in Southern Gauteng but grew up on a farm where she was home-schooled until the age of thirteen. She is the youngest of five children and started playing the violin at a very young age. Since then, music became an integral part of her life. The star had been playing the violin at events for nineteen years and singing in bands for five years before launching her solo career in 2017, which she regards as one of her biggest achievements so far.

Over the years, she has enjoyed many career highlights and shared the stage with various big names in the music industry, including Connell Cruise, Ard Matthews, Joshua na die Reën, Jan Blohm, Amanda Strydom, Graeme Watkins Project, Shortstraw, Shaun Jacobs and many others. She also featured in various orchestras, like the NWU PUK Orchestra and Rand Symphony Orchestra, as concertmaster and violinist. Being an alumni of both NWU and WITS universities, the artist had taken part in every single SER at NWU. She also had the opportunity to coach these groups in her second and third years at university and even did medley arrangements for them.

The inspiration for her lyrics often comes from personal experience and emotions and playing around on the piano also helps to clear her mind for the words to come. She is a violin and piano tutor when she is not on stage and she is currently busy putting the finishing touches to her next music video, which is going to blow audiences away!

When listening to SHE’S ON FIRE it becomes clear that Sincerely Anne is passionate about what she does. Music lovers are most definitely looking forward to hearing more of this talented muso in the future. “I want listeners to enjoy the song and want it to get stuck in their heads. But most importantly, I want to spread positivity in a world that often thrives on sharing and selling negativity,” she concludes. 

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The song is available on all digital platforms: Apple MusicSpotifyDeezer

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