THE PLASTICS Unveil Two New Songs From Upcoming Album

THE PLASTICS Unveil Two New Songs From Upcoming Album Photo Credit: Lauren Waller

THE PLASTICS Unveil Two New Songs From Upcoming Album

By Press Release / News / Friday, 17 January 2020 10:29


THE PLASTICS have transformed into a new band called THE BRIGHT BLUE ORCHIDS for their 4th studio album. The sound of THE BRIGHT BLUE ORCHIDS is a full, unapologetic throwback, a rambunctious ode to the power of love, filled with twists and turns that captivate, thrill and beguile the listener. The first single, ‘Carry On To The Sun’ was released in November 2019. Now, ahead of the album’s release on 31 January, they have released two brand new songs: ‘FIONA’ & ‘DRUNK ON LOVE’.

The first song and also the band’s next radio single, is called 'FIONA' and was inspired by the kind of girl who plays by her own rules without being restricted to a box. It’s about the fun-loving one night stand that got away and can’t be tamed.
'FIONA' is a classic example of all the elements the band is portraying with their new sound. The rock ’n roll single features immediacy in its upstroke guitars with a complex melodic progression that has whimsy, magic, and minimal production.

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Buy/Stream FIONA

'DRUNK ON LOVE' is the second song and was written in June 2019 and was inspired by a desperate attempt to try and figure out what had gone wrong in past relationships. With a psychedelic, dark, up-tempo beat combined with a groovy bassline, it showcases THE BRIGHT BLUE ORCHIDS’ subtle, romantic use of themes such as spirits and magic.

“The song is about drinking and the effect it can have on relationships, but it’s also about losing your mind by being so in love with someone that you get into fights and act irrationally. It’s about waking up in the morning after a lovesick broken night with the cold light of day pouring in and showing you what a fool you have made of yourself when caught up in the moment of love drunk irrationality.” says Sasha Righini.

Featuring the pronouns ‘he’, ‘she’ and ‘they’, 'DRUNK ON LOVE' is a song anyone can relate to about what happens when drunken arguments get out of control.
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THE BRIGHT BLUE ORCHIDS, the album, will be released on 31 January 2020. 

Buy/Stream 'FIONA' & 'DRUNK ON LOVE' at Spotify when you pre-order the album

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