DÖ Unleash Their Crushing New Album 'Astral Death Cult'

DÖ Unleash Their Crushing New Album 'Astral Death Cult'

DÖ Unleash Their Crushing New Album 'Astral Death Cult'

By Press Release / Off The Press / Friday, 20 September 2019 08:44

Today sees the release of 'Astral Death Cult', the second full-length album from , a riff-praising cosmos-worshipping trio from Helsinki, Finland. This vicious death cult lead by Big Dog (guitar), Joe E. Deliverance (drums) and Deaf Hank (vox & bass) feeds on dark astral energy and compresses it into what they call döömer – a unique northern mix of stoner, doom, sludge, and psychedelic elements with hints of death/black metal. The lyrical themes the album have evolved from mysticism, misanthropy, and anti-religiousness towards saluting the great forces of nature and the void that surrounds us.

has slowly but steadily grown the global congregation of döömernauts through a series of independent releases and by touring around Finland and the Baltic's, receiving praise from both fans and media all around the world.

Including the bands EP’s, 'Astral Death Cult' is their 5th release in total, as with the previous productions, drums, guitar and bass were recorded live to get the genuine dynamics of the trio on each track. The result is an album that collides earthy northern tone, riffs heavy as a neutron star and lyrics that praise the great cosmic forces.

Watch the video for Atmosfear below!

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Astral Death Cult out now on Lay Bare Recording, Mercyful Tapes and all digital platforms.

Order the album on cassette vinyl and digital  

Track Listing

Drifting (in a Methane Ocean)
Cosmic Communion
Planet Eater
Beyond the Cosmic Horizon

This album could very well be a contender for record of the year. It is that good and deserves a listen from any and all that worship at the altar of the riff. - Outlaws Of The Sun

No surprise that larger than life doomsters have created an epic of cosmic proportions - Ghost Cult

One of the more uniquely different albums you’re likely to hear this year. ’s 6 track effort is a maddening mix of heavy and mind-fuckery. The latter being dished out with teeth-aching fuzziness and the former coming from the gore that clogs up almost every facet of their sound. - Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

The album is unrelenting; it has a menacing, plodding quality that conjures images of some monstrous astral beings rending apart time, space, and anything else in their wake. - From Corners Unknown

Hail Cosmos! We're all döömed!

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