Zybrandt ‘Kamoefleer’ video treasure hunt competition – win cash prizes! From 5 to 15 July

Zybrandt ‘Kamoefleer’ video treasure hunt competition – win cash prizes! From 5 to 15 July

Zybrandt ‘Kamoefleer’ video treasure hunt competition – win cash prizes! From 5 to 15 July

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“This song is so soulful and catchy with a killer music video.” Dave Poole, Goldfish.

“Well done to the team, it’s all round such a dope music video. It feels like I could touch it like paging through a book.” Dan Mace.

Zybrandt`s second Afrikaans single ‘Kamoefleer’ was released on June 11th. The video is a moving work of art made by Jeremy Farber from For Tomorrow Productions. In it, Zybrandt goes on a fantastical storybook adventure, made from a combination of digital drawings, video material and animation. The drawings were done on an iPad with each scene being separated into the foreground, middle and background so that Farber could use zooming and focus effects to make it visually interesting. Zybrandt was filmed against a white wall singing and acting in each part. His character was then cut out in the editing program and combined with the drawings to give it a painterly, scrapbook look and feel. The video took 4 months to make and consists of 19 scenes, 8 outfits and over 150 drawings.

Watch ‘Kamoefleer’ below

Farber explains how it all came together: “Initially I made a seven-second clip with some random footage and images. I sent it to Zybrandt to see if he liked the concept. I remember getting the response that not only did he love it, but so did Zonika (his partner). I knew then that I was going to have to make the entire video and that it was going to take me months to do. A sort of instant regret kicked in, but I do like this sort of challenge, so I was amped.

Zybrandt explained the song to me so I could understand his meaning of the words, "we then scripted the video, each verse; chorus and bridge got their own scenes. After that, we rented a whole bunch of outfits from Annie`s wardrobe here in Cape Town and we began filming each character against a white wall here at our studio."

"It wasn’t all smooth sailing, we actually tried to film the underwater scene in a swimming pool, but the pool was not big enough and it was so cold that we gave up and just did it in the studio. I think it turned out better in the end as it's more consistent with the overall look and humour of the video. The part where he gets into the canon was also a bit tricky as we had no idea what angle the canon would need to be and if it would even work, in the end, we use a table and some chairs so he could get the motion of getting into a canon right."

"While I was drawing each scene and separating the layers for editing, I was also sending video clips to Zybrandt to help me edit the video. He did an amazing job of cutting out many of the video parts. We only used every second frame that we filmed. It was painstaking work to cut out each frame with the pen tool, but that gives it the stop motion/scrapbook look and feel."

"We planned to put in a few extra items into the video, little things that people will notice if they watch it a lot, a few “Easter eggs”, so there are some of those in there, look closely!"

"This video was by far the most work I’ve put into any music video before. I hope that you enjoy the song, the video and the humour behind it!”

Kamoefleer Treasure hunt Competition: WIN CASH! Find the treasure using the clues between 5 and 9 July and stand a chance to win R200 daily.  Then, entries for a big cash prize of R5 000 need to reach us between 9 and 15 July. The answers can be found in the Zybrandt ‘Kamoefleer’ adventure video on YouTube.  Find details on how to enter the competition here: fortomorrowstudios.com

Kamoefleer Single Artwork

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