Review: Alanna Joy - 'Tell Me'

Review: Alanna Joy - 'Tell Me'

Review: Alanna Joy - 'Tell Me'

By / Reviews / Sunday, 17 May 2020 19:00

Alanna Joy’s latest single 'Tell Me' finds itself beautifully, albeit unintentionally, suited to its time as emotional and mental states start spiralling out of control.

Originally slated for release in April, the single has found added poignancy in a world coming to terms with an uncertain present and future. As worry turns to dread and mental and emotional stability weakens with each passing day 'Tell Me' serves as a reminder that reaching out for help is always better than letting pain quietly break you down.

With Matt Carstens – who’s making waves of his own in the industry – adding his vocal expertise the song is a powerful, layered duet that aims to stave off the darkness of mental illness - a muggle-world Patronus charm if you will.

Watch the music video for 'Tell Me' below!

Alanna Joy’s voice is filled with empathetic urgency as she pleads with Carstens to let her in, her own fears and anxieties bringing subtle depth to the performance while he struggles with the thought of opening up, preferring to hold on to his darkness out of fear of burdening her.

The soundtrack for this duet is as layered as the lyrics and creates a maelstrom of emotions, an aural manifestation of the fear and confusion that comes with these kinds of conversations. The instruments come together to create a landscape that is simultaneously anxious to the point of panic, mournful, melancholic, and at times explosive, creating an emotional tapestry that I’m sure most people will be able to relate to.

'Tell Me' is a song unintentionally written for the times we’re living through. It reminds us that reaching out and talking to someone could make all the difference in a time where it’s difficult to find any sense of real optimism.

A Note From The Editor:

Considering these troubling times, where emotions are high and you feel the need to call on someone. 
We have two numbers for you to contact. God Bless. 

South Africa Suicide Crisis Helpline: 0800 21 22 23 & Lifeline South Africa: 0861 322 322.




Daniel Luckhoff-wessels

Daniel Luckhoff-wessels

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