Review: Silentium – ‘Motiva’

Review: Silentium – ‘Motiva’

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After a hiatus that would make TOOL jealous, Finnish metal band SILENTIUM has finally released Motiva, their first release with, Out of Line Music. Gothic Doom, symphonic are all typical tags you would find attached to this band since its birth in 1995 and though the roots are still here, 'Motiva' marks a clear evolution from past releases.

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Seducia (2006) is arguably the band's most critically acclaimed release, marked by the addition of current lead vocalist, Riina Rinkinen which sparked a shift in the band's sound. It was the following 2008 release of 'Amortean' that the band solidified their sound and present it with sure-handed confidence that was perhaps a bit lacking in years prior. Motiva is not only an expansion of their previous releases, it is a loud and declarative evolution.

The new album is the best we’ve done so far. Musically, aesthetically and technically...”

Sami Boman and Juha Lehtioksa serve as the band's principal element as far as instrumental composition is concerned, and Motiva sees the two unlock their potential like never before. If there was one criticism of previous releases, it would be how on-the-nose the orchestration would present itself song to song. In this release, however, every piece of each song compliments the other. The orchestration, which forms the core of the band's sound, does not take a back seat by any means. Boman and Lehtioksa have instead provided a refined bed on which Rinkinen's vocals can cut through melodically, and drummer Janne Ojala can drive forward rhythmically.

Speaking of composition and the amazing feats thereof, the epic and quasi instrumental 'Circle',  for instance, provides a sound that was perhaps hinted at before but was never executed as it has been here. The album itself is a masterclass on composing with melody as a focal point but this track is a true compositional gem as exemplified on closer, 'Friend'. This track is an instrumental draped elegantly with melismatic runs from vocalist Riina Rinkinen driven by modal guitar leads that soar throughout with a faint hint of folk metal flare.

As mentioned before, a noted shift in the approach to the band's sound came with the arrival of vocalist Rinna Rinkinen. With the deceptive range and a timbre as singular as hers, Motiva aptly showcases the dynamic such a unique vocal provides this type of music with. 'Vow', is, although not a single, certainly a standout gem on this album that climaxes with a devastatingly Whether it be the in contrast between the straight-forward assertive drive of 'Unchained' or the soothing falsetto in the intimacy of the opening to 'Safer/Easier', there seems to be no terrain too challenging for Rinkinen's range or breadth of power.

Motiva simply offers the best of what SILENTIUM of what has offered to date and puts on a display of ambition and scope of vision that only a 12-year wait could cultivate. This album serves more as a refinement of form than a return to one without losing what makes this band tick. It is safe to say that these Finnish metallers have hit their stride in the knick of time for new listeners and loyal “silentians” alike.

Motiva is available on all digital streaming platforms.




Russell Miller

Russell Miller

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