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Returning to the music scene with everlasting energy and grit; the mastermind instrumentalists behind SPRINGBOK NUDE GIRLS release Partypocolypse - a highly anticipated rock/alternative album that boasts the unique musical sound that is SNG.

For those that may have lived comfortably under a rock for the last 26 years: Springbok Nude Girls was established in Stellenbosch in the early ’90s and displays the marvellous musical talents of Arno Carstens (vocals), Theo Crous (guitar), Adriaan Brand (keys/trumpet), Arno Blumer (bass) and Francois Kruger (drums). The band has headlined at countless South African and international festivals – not to mention the documentary filmed about them in 2015.

SNG’s latest release, Partypocalypse, explores the deeply celebrated sound distinct of the South African rock scene filled to the brim with heavy riffs, gruff vocals and enriched drum rhythms. The album kicks off with the band’s latest single ‘Emerging Submarines’ which may be described as an energetic march-like anthem with memorizing instrumental interludes weaving in between sections that create a dream-like atmosphere. This is closely followed by ‘Best Friends, Best Enemies’ (previously released in 2018) which continues the upbeat trend with more aggression while making use of call-and-response embellishments between the vocals and instrumentation along with a highly impressive chorus presenting a ‘take that’ attitude.

Crystal Ball’ is a more emotive, down-tempo piece that explores a reflective theme and flows steadily into the lyrically rich melodies of ‘Flashlight’ that executes well-penned phrases in addition to its soothing synth refrain. The punch of SNG returns with ‘Rolling Thunder’ which presents subtle elements of the best music from 80’s and 90’s rock with a modern twist. ‘Beautiful Evolution’ traverses through emotional motifs of days of difficulty with an inspirational message during the choruses which is powerfully supported by the music.

Something About The Neighbours’ reintroduces SNG’s more metallic, gritty sound combined with space-like effects, gratifying breaks and rhythmic phrases. The remaining tracks of Partypocalypse reveal some truly enjoyable surprises that show the more experimental side of Springbok Nude Girls and their masterful fusion of genres into their unique and constantly evolving musical style.

In conclusion, ‘Partypocalypse’ is a well-crafted demonstration of the years of dedication, time and talent that has led SNG to be one of the most intriguing and diverse rock bands in South Africa and is highly recommended to be enjoyed at the earliest available opportunity.

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Jodie Reid

Jodie Reid

Singer/Songwriter and Noise Enthusiast


Jodie Reid is all about respecting the organic nature of songwriting in all forms of music. She completed a Bachelor of Music Performance (Honours) in 2018, has released two albums and several international collaborations to date. Jodie is currently working on her third album, assisting aspiring musicians with their craft, hiking, screaming (the fun kind) and plucking strings at every opportunity.

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