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Serving melodies of uninterrupted melancholy as a source of comfort for the masses, Hopeless Dreams is the debut album of Stanley Sibande – a South African-based solo acoustic songwriter with emotional compositions that extend to the depths of the soul.

Listen to the lyric video for 'Lavender Eyes' below

Born in the beautiful country of Zambia, Stanley Sibande established his passion for music in his formative years while singing with his siblings and joined his first band in 2013. In the time that followed, Sibande began playing the guitar and writing songs influenced by musicians like Linkin Park, Hozier, Bastille and Cinematic Orchestra.

Hopeless Dreams transports listeners to a place of deep contemplation; creating an atmosphere of understanding which presents the opportunity to build or break down emotional barriers. It subtly boasts elements of Grunge and Rock with laid-back, raw vocals paired alongside catchy guitar riffs and soothing ambience.

Hopeless Dreams starts with ‘Run’ - a song that strongly portrays movement and the desire to escape difficult situations through all of its components. Illustrations of destruction and loss are introduced through the sorrowful reality of ‘Apocalypse Begins’. ‘Midnight Song’ follows a similar melancholic pattern with vocals emitting monotonous grief with faint moments of acceptance interweaving between sections. Presenting raspy, emotive vocals and a writing structure that could be enjoyed by fans of Nirvana, ‘Cut’ leads listeners through a tunnel of heartbroken narrative with lyrics such as ‘I’m bleeding out, falling under’.

The album begins to undertake a slight change in tempo and feel with the addition of ‘Mother’ which creates a theme of overcoming past emotions with the introduction of slight country twangs in the instrumentation. ‘Lights’ continues on a more positive note with musical elements similar to that of a lullaby. ‘Hopeless Dreams’ journeys along its initial course of gloom contrasting with encouraging acceptance with songs like ‘Hold On,’ ‘Hopeless Dreams’, ‘Outside’ and ‘Wildfire’.

Released earlier this month, Sibande’s single ‘Lavendar Eyes’ is a powerfully romantic ballad that leads to the final track of the album; ‘Wilaba Uku Pema’ - a heartfelt and emotional piece sung in a beautiful mixture of English and Sibande’s home language.

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Capturing the essence of life in all its struggles and celebrations, the music of Stanley Sibande is a testament to the times and an essential comfort to all listeners.

“…it’s been an absolute wild ride, but the music kept me going and I hope I can do the same for someone else with this album.” – Stanley Sibande

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Jodie Reid

Jodie Reid

Singer/Songwriter and Noise Enthusiast


Jodie Reid is all about respecting the organic nature of songwriting in all forms of music. She completed a Bachelor of Music Performance (Honours) in 2018, has released two albums and several international collaborations to date. Jodie is currently working on her third album, assisting aspiring musicians with their craft, hiking, screaming (the fun kind) and plucking strings at every opportunity.


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