Review: Bridging Oceans - Split EP

Review: Bridging Oceans - Split EP

Review: Bridging Oceans - Split EP

By / EP / Friday, 03 May 2019 12:25

Bridging Oceans is a top-notch Gig You Can Take Anywhere You Go

Grab your skateboards and black nail polish because Bare Teeth, Down Memory Lane, Nerdlinger, and SHAMES are taking us back in time with the four-way-split punk album 'Bridging Oceans'.

The first thing you’ll notice about French outfit Bare Teeth is their combination of high-energy metal drumming and pop-punk riffs, particularly in Running Wild. This relentless high-energy track creeps into your muscles and before you know it you leg’s tapping and you’re compulsively flicking a fringe out of your face.

Next on the bill are Down Memory Lane, a Canadian band with a penchant for punchy, no-nonsense punk-rock. Their contribution peaks with The Tyler Durden Way, one round knockout delivered by snare drums as strong as a Brad Pitt punch.

Hailing from down-under is Nerdlinger, whose diverse display lifts off with the aggressive Baseballs before heading to groove-ville with a quintessential road-trip song called Pack it to The Top, before touching down with the pure-pop-punk-self-indulgence of Videotapes which has enough angst for all those who still live and breathe early 2000s punk.

It’s difficult for bands to find that level of synchronicity where everything flows with ease unless you’re talking about Japanese band SHAMES. Their three tracks glide by like seals in the ocean making their frenetic, high-energy punk rock flow into the ears with the effortlessness of smooth jazz.

This multi-national gig-in-a-pocket hits the nostalgia bone with enough individuality to keep the bands from being branded as novelty acts.

Listen to 'Bridging Oceans below!



Daniel Luckhoff-wessels

Daniel Luckhoff-wessels

Daniel is a freelance script-editor and actor, but his real passion is music. He is always on the lookout for new up and coming bands that have a sound that's unique to them. The more interesting the music is, the better. You can find Daniel on the following social media platforms: TwitterInstagram & Wrequiemmusic.

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