Review: Caelo – Visions EP Review

Caelo – Visions EP Review Caelo – Visions EP Review

Review: Caelo – Visions EP Review

By / EP / Tuesday, 05 September 2017 15:02

September is here and with it comes ‘Visions’ an electrifying debut from Cape Town rockers, CAELO. The band itself is a power trio that consists of drummer Michael Dickens, bassist Matthew Winfield, and guitarist/frontman Joel Bronner all of whom perform vocals. CAELO is the brainchild of frontman Bronner after a rush of inspiration while attending a BIFFY CLYRO show some years ago. ‘Visions’ is a full serving of arena rock garnished with the polish of alternative pop packed neatly into a bite-sized runtime with 4 tracks total.

The name of the game with this EP is dynamics. From start to finish, CAELO showcases its command throughout transitions between the albums various peaks and valleys. For instance, the title track and album opener rolls off slow but kicks into gear around halfway through the track but cliff hangs into the succeeding ‘Renegade’ that opens with a gritty distorted bassline. Another crown jewel of this debut is the musicality. CAELO’s three musicians are incredibly tight during groove laden passages like those present in the EP’s final track ‘Catacombs’.

Mixed by drummer Michael Dickens and Richard Harriman, ‘Visions’ is clean, and clear throughout. None of the tracks feels lopsided as they move from the density of the distorted rhythm guitars to open passages that are carried by Joel Bronner’s vocals alone. The drums hit hard when they’re called upon to do so and the bass never steps out of pocket.

The future is bright with a debut like ‘Visions’. It is a solid effort that is laced with music that will keep heads banging, fists pumping and feet tapping. It is also worth noting that CAELO have put together an EP that blends the inspirations and individual musicality of its members perfectly. Each song can stand on its own, be rearranged in any order and still operates and feel like a balanced and cohesive –albeit short- album. ‘Visions’ is an easy listen throughout and can within a diverse rock playlist with acts such as ‘MUSE’, ‘THE KILLERS, ‘ALKALINE TRIO’ etc.,  it can easily hold its own.

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Russell Miller

Russell Miller

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