Review: DÖ – Black Hole Mass

Review: DÖ – Black Hole Mass

By / EP / Monday, 16 November 2020 06:06

If humanity is a way for the cosmos to know itself, Finnish metallers are the chosen ones among us tasked with heralding its deepest secrets and darkest tales. The band have christened Black Hole Mass to be their offering of praise to the mysterious forces of the universe. have been doing the work of the cosmos for more than half a decade but seek to raise their collective consciousness with this release and offer more than they ever have. Chronicling dark mysteries of the great expanse, enshrining galactic praises in song, and offering their earthly vessels to the divinity of intergalactic space is what this three-song EP brings to the table...and the music ain't half bad either!

One would not be wrong in assuming that have taken on quite the task with only three songs on offer, but the execution proves that the trio have held their galactic serve. The black mass begins with a “hail cosmos” in the opener 'Gravity Sacrifice', a hymn that would have renaissance-era astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus cry tears of joy. Spacious reverbs, and boundless echoes give way to the gritty bombast of a ferocious set of distorted rhythm guitars courtesy of the band's latest addition on guitars, Teröid (formerly known as Tarbuck).

Black Hole Mass presents DÖ's musical aspirations in totality in that it covers the earthiness the band sought to convey with the EP as well as the psychedelic aesthetic they're known for. What follows are two more odes to the cosmic body that is the universe in the form of 'Plasma Psalm' and ten-minute epic 'Radiation Blessing'. The former contains one of the most infectious riffs on the record which seemed to lift the track to the highest heights of the galactic heavens. The latter begins with a distorted bassline that seemed to be infused with enough energy to cause a worldwide geomagnetic storm.

, in their cosmic glory, have provided the universe today with music that should stand the test of time and space. The trio have dubbed this release as their collective ascension to a new level of consciousness and such a lofty claim is not without merit. The musical composition in this record is paired effortlessly with a thematic expression that is sure to attract like-minded congregates. continues to build to the church of astral death cultists ready to headbang as one in a supermassive interstellar mosh pit.

Black Hole Mass is available on CD and digitally via BandCamp as well as all other digital streaming platforms.



Russell Miller

Russell Miller

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