Review: Project Renegade – 'Cerebra'

Review: Project Renegade – 'Cerebra'

By / EP / Sunday, 16 June 2019 08:54

Project Renegade don’t mess around in their debut EP ‘Cerebra.’

Greek alternative-metal outfit Project Renegade, have proven that they are a force to be reckoned with through their powerful debut EP ‘Cerebra.’

It’s hard not to lose yourself in the music as front-woman Marianna’s ethereal vocals and the rest of the band’s heavy riffs and rhythms create a murky, almost dystopian landscape. ‘Natural Born Killer,’ a sprawling, half-time head-banger sets the mood before ‘One of the Crowd’ brings some scathing social commentary into the equation.

After a venomous intro, Marianna says “tick-tock your way out of life/letting crossroads pass you by,” a passive-aggressive jab at those who have given themselves up to their work-eat-sleep routines. The song is summed up in the chorus when she says “but you’ll never make me one of the crowd.” This is more than a song, this is the mission statement of a person who refuses to let society dictate her life.

The EP finishes with ‘Pressure,’ a more introspective but intense discussion about the challenges of fighting off your own personal issues while helping those closest to you while also trying to make it in an unpredictable world. A world where living in the past is sometimes easier than allowing the future to happen.

‘Cerebra’ is a powerful statement of intent from a group of musicians that know they have a lot to offer and won’t stop until they’ve gone as far as they possibly can.

Listen to 'Cerebra' below!

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Daniel Luckhoff-wessels

Daniel Luckhoff-wessels

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