Meg Lawrenson - 'Nicotine'

Meg Lawrenson - 'Nicotine'

Meg Lawrenson - 'Nicotine'

By / Reviews / Monday, 04 November 2019 17:31

Meg Lawrenson draws on well-established music video tropes to ramp up the power in her video for 'Nicotine'.

The long, cinematic shots of Lawrenson and her band atop a cliff standing firm through a howling wind as the sun sinks to the horizon have an easily-identifiable poignancy to them, one that’s comforting in its familiarity yet avoids cliché with its emotional earnestness.

Watch 'Nicotine' below!

As Lawrenson bares her soul, her emotions brought to the surface for everyone to see, the song finds a strength which keeps building that the video acknowledges with small-yet-noticeable changes in the lighting.

This little bit of visual storytelling makes the emotional journey more tangible and gives it a more nuanced identity. Lawrenson seems to become more resilient throughout the video which brings a new dimension to the song; suddenly the mood-shift that comes in just after the half-way mark has so much more meaning.

It’s said that if the emotions are honest and the intentions genuine then it can’t be cliché, and that’s exactly the case here. While a band on a cliff at sunset might be trite, Lawrenson brings across such real, almost tangible emotions that you let yourself forget about all that and get swept up in the moment.




Daniel Luckhoff-wessels

Daniel Luckhoff-wessels

Daniel is a freelance script-editor and actor, but his real passion is music. He is always on the lookout for new up and coming bands that have a sound that's unique to them. The more interesting the music is, the better. You can find Daniel on the following social media platforms: TwitterInstagram & Wrequiemmusic.

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