Review: Pat McCay - ‘Prosper You’

Review: Pat McCay - ‘Prosper You’

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"Newest single, Prosper You, warming hearts." - Tristan Riddin

This year has definitely been trying, testing the patience of almost everyone. It has been tiring, confusing and completely frustrating. So to listen to a song filled with so much unbridled hope and love is just what some of us need.

Listen to ‘Prosper You’ below!

Pat McCay's newest single, ‘Prosper You’ brings you just that. Not only is it soothing and melodic but it stirs emotions deep inside that you may not have experienced in quite a while. ‘Prosper You’ speaks to and evokes feelings of hope, love and peace that are very much needed and perfectly laid out, almost as though Pat knows exactly which heartstrings to aim for... 

Pat McCay, Capetonian singer and songwriter, paired up with producer Craig de Sousa to bring this amazing track to life. ‘Prosper You’ has a solid and catchy beat, perfectly intertwined instrumental sounds and awesome vocals that will have you swaying along to the music in no time at all. 

When asked about his new single, Pat said, "It's a song about experiencing life. It captures the heart of human experience and addresses the longing to be nurtured, loved and protected." I for one totally agree. 

‘Prosper You’ also delivers the underlying message of loving yourself, the lyrics "let me love you, I hope you do" are evidence of this and when you look around, it is exactly what people need. To be reminded of the love and hope that already surrounds everyone and the love and hope that could surround everybody. 

‘Prosper You’ introduces a bridge to Pat McCay's new album and all I can say is that if it is anything like what we have heard before then we are definitely in for a ride... Watch out for this singer, he definitely has more than a few tricks up his sleeve!

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Tristan Riddin

Tristan Riddin
Tristan is a small-town scholar, currently in her matric year. She is an aspiring writer who loves all sorts of different music and book genres.  You can find her on Facebook or Instagram.

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