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UNDERGROUND PRESS offers a unique range of PR services, tailor-made to your brand. 

Our PR services include writing Press Releases and distributing them across all channels, including social media and sharing this through newsletters, reaching a broader audience. 

The service is unique, because it is affordable to everyone, including businesses out there, that need a quick solution when their budget is tight. 

The Service Offers:

  • Written PR that is published on Underground Press.
  • We will distribute your PR amongst our media partners. (To Join our Media Partner list, please go to our footer and fill in the form).
  • We will distribute your PR to all our social media networks. (See the side column for our list).
    • This will include the Underground Press Social Platforms as well as, my own. (Frederic Egersdorfer).

Radio Plugging:

  •  We will distribute your PR and the music you supply to local and international radio stations. (online and terrestrial).

Featured Article/Event:

  • Appear on the top of our front page:
    • We will feature your article on our front page.
    • We will cover your Press Release in depth.
    • List your article on other social media platforms and do some extra legwork. 
  • Have an event that needs featured?
    • We will feature your event on our front page.
    • List your event on other social media platforms and do some extra legwork.

Please fill in the form below and clearly explain what you would like us to do for you. 

* Please note that we can not guarantee that all our media partners will pick up your PR and go to press with it.

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