Watch: Årabrot Release Video For 'Maldoror's Love'

Arabrot 3 Photographer Thomas Knight

Photographer Thomas Knight

The Norwegian Grammy award-winning band, Årabrot returned in September with their most astounding piece of Norwegian Art Rock to date; 'Who Do You Love'. Today sees the release of their video for 'Maldoror's Love', taken off the same album.  

Årabrot carries all the hallmarks of a sonic spectrum that has always been a wide and wild field of purposeful mismatches, a world of friction between the noisy, the disharmony and the tension, with rivalling moments of harmonic relief.

Watch 'Maldoror's Love' below!

“Årabrot is in so many ways as much a travelling circus as a rock'n'roll unit. Captured here is the essence of the snake-handling, the Holy Mountain alchemy and the medicine show prophesies. Laukli and Laukli with the help of the amazing editing skills of Dave Hall have done a remarkable job catching the heart and soul of the Church of Årabrot” - Kjetil Nernes, vocal/ guitar/ composer & lyricist Årabrot

“Being fans of Årabrot,  we are always super excited to be able to work with them. Kjetil actually let us choose which song we wanted to film. After a quick listen we landed on Maldorors Love. We love the song, and also the misanthropic worldview put forth by Isidore Lucien Ducasse in Les Chants des Maldoror. The dark and strange content of the novel was an inspiration. There are also some visual nods to other artists that we know have influenced Årabrot in their work.”Paal Laukli, director/ camera from Laukli & Laukli

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