SAVER Releases New Video Ahead of Debut Album

Featured SAVER Releases New Video Ahead of Debut Album SAVER Releases New Video Ahead of Debut Album

Norwegian band SÂVER have released their brand new video, titled, ‘I Vanish’ ahead of their debut album, ‘They Came With Sunlight’ due for release in March 8th 2019, via Pelagic Records.

SÂVER deliver an astounding track with abrasive vocals, slow yet smooth and heavy tones, giving one a taste of what to expect of their debut album.

Watch 'I Vanish' below!

"The video is a direct reference to the visuals we’ve been using live during the past year. The visuals is created by Simen Skari, and it displays abstract, wave-like formations that is constantly evolving while at the same time appear quite repetitive, which we feel matches our music quite well. Implementing these visuals into the video, it feels like a natural continuation of what we are doing in a live setting.“ - SÂVER [sic]

‘They Came With Sunlight’ was recorded in May 2018 while camping out in the woods in Norrköping, Sweden.

SÂVER is for fans of, Breach, The Old Wind, Neurosis, Cult Of Luna, Pelican, Isis, MONO, Caspian, Swans, Have A Nice Life.

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Pre-order 'They Came With Sunlight' here - Pelagic Records

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