Sensational Event Series in Cape Town Introducing: BIORHYTHM

Sensational Event Series in Cape Town Introducing:  BIORHYTHM Photo by Mia Truter

Sensational Event Series in Cape Town Introducing: BIORHYTHM

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What could be more sense provoking and moving than an event series of exchange between the artist authentically and that connects and engages the audience in a personal atmosphere? Saturday, 13 July saw the debut event of this series, titled BIORHYTHM, hit Cape Town’s stage. BIORHYTHM is an experimental event in showcasing music videos to an audience before the public can watch it online. The core purpose of BIORHYTHM to back the tangibility and authenticity of personally presenting the collaborating artists’ work. Now, BIORHYTHM#2 is coming. Join the experience on Saturday, 27 July from 7 PM at Striped Horse on Kloof in Cape Town. The band of misfits, Julia Robert band will be joining Matinino for the next event. 

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BIORHYTHM #1 was the first in a five-part series to showcase music videos by Matinino at Yours Truly on Loop Street, Cape Town. The first: "THE GARDEN" and second: "TWIGS AND STRING", that will only launch online at the end of September, making the events the exclusive experience that Matinino and contributing artists wish to create. BIORHYTHM will host an array of hand-picked musicians and visual artists an opportunity to introduce the audience to their performance, their own media and artworks on this engaging event platform. Roelien Brink, Julia Robert, Nicola Harris, Tzara, Poppiefield, Androgenius, Matinino and Theresa Wiid are the artists bringing their art to life through BIORHYTHM

“Local musicians tend to release their media and music videos online without really experiencing the allurement of connecting with their audience directly and in real-time as it premiers”, explains Matinino on the inspiration for the event and continues to say “in modern-day times our media gets lost in all the noise of the wider web and public spaces”.

photo mia truter

Photo by Mia Truter

Matinino AKA Martinique du Toit has for long felt that there is a need for an event and movement in Cape Town to bring back the beauty and authenticity of giving an audience a personal exchange and original way of viewing and receiving experience. Music and art in an intimate space. 

Prepare to be entranced by an encounter of an intimate kind and join these artists in an interactive journey - for full event dates and details:

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