ALT EGO Releases New Single | 'TAKE WHAT YOU WANT'

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ALT EGO Releases New Single | 'TAKE WHAT YOU WANT' (Feat. Jade Hubner & Desmond John)

alt ego take what you want

August 2017 sees the release of a brand new single by ALT EGO - 'TAKE WHAT YOU WANT' (feat. Jade Hubner and Desmond John). The single comes from their debut self-titled album, released June 2017.

Written in early 2017, the duo spent a total of four months working on their latest offering in order to make it as authentic as possible. The song was inspired by the Spanish influenced violin solo by Vittorio Monti: 'Czardas' - a piece in itself which is quite dramatic. The single adds to this by exuding themes of passion, lust, love, distrust and a toxic relationship.

“'Take What You Want’ was the climactic phrase that we, along with Desmond John and Jade just felt in the moment, after working on the verses. Desmond John really inspired the lyrical contribution to the song. He sure is a huge talent!”

The song gives the listener insight into quite an intense lovers quarrel - where each partner expresses almost hurtful accusations. The high point of it all is where they both feel they have given everything and there is no more to give. And both just have the same thought: Take what you want from me.

Fans can look forward to a cheeky and animated offering comprising of a fusion of themes - a dirty techno drop, signature ALT EGO elements such as its very lyrical, passionate classical violin and quirky and playful guitar motifs (almost alluding to the humour of the situation).

“We are very excited; it is by far the most experimental song on the album and is so diverse in its multiple genres. The public reaction to this song has been amazing thus far. Anyone who loves a catchy melody and a dirty drop will be able to enjoy ‘Take What You Want’!”

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