Norwegian Metallers EFREETI Reveal Their New Album 'Man of Sand'

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After the release of their single 'Its Inner Pain' back in February, Norwegian metallers EFREETI are back with their new album, 'Man of Sand', officially out since March 8th!

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Expect a mixture of accordion, heavy riffs, slow headbanging, and tremolo guitars! I think we got a pretty distinct sound throughout the songs on the album. So, if you enjoyed “Its Inner Pain”, you will probably enjoy the rest of the album!”, comments Kristian Wangberg.

He continues: There are songs for different tastes. If you want to groove out and bang your head, there’s songs for that. Or, if you want a long story-based song, we got you covered.

In the end, we tried to make a clear and easy to listen to the album. There are still lots of details hidden, but the main riffs and feel is generally easy to pick up on! Hope you'll enjoy this new record!

Out since March 8th, 'Man of Sand' is a very strong showing from these guys. We can only imagine that they will get even better in time and we can’t wait to see how much they are going to evolve in the near future.

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'Man of Sand' tracklist:

1. Man of Sand
2. King of What
3. Win the Pain Away
4. Its inner pain
5. I'm right, right?
6. Smile of Death
7. 100BC

*Artwork by McKinley Illustration

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