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Requests for an Album, EP or Single can now be done through our contact form below!

Submissions for review will only be accepted in the following manner. 

Please present your email in this format. 

Provide us with the following information:

Your EPK link.

Your Single/Album/EP/Video link: Only one of the following online services to be used.

SoundCloud/BandCamp/YouTube or alternatively, CDBaby,,,, Spotify or Deezer.

Attach your physical MP3 link: Use WeTransfer, Dropbox or Drive
Attach your physical WAV link: (Optional) Use WeTransfer, Dropbox or Drive
Attach up to 5/6 professionally shot images of yourself/Band and single/EP/Album/Video thumbnail artwork.

Be sure to supply us with your bio and specify your genre as well.
Tell us who you compare yourselves to/Which bands influence you, etc.

Finally, attach your ISRC Code, Your Publisher/Label and Composer details.

Thank you in advance.

Review Request