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Hidden Gems - 2017

| Hidden Gems

By Russell Miller

Published Friday, 15 December 2017 08:04

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Even though 2017 has lasted less than half a New York minute, in that infinitesimally short amount of time new music has been cropping up left and right. Of course, there have been newcomers to the game, but our beloved older artists -cough EVANESCENCE cough- have resurrected to help steal the spotlight from lesser known but strong underground acts. Fret not ladies and gentlemen, UNDERGROUND PRESS has remained vigilant and scoured the “interwebs” for fresh under-the-radar tracks. That’s right below this rather long-winded soliloquy is a collection of tracks that deserve your attention, love, and affection so gird thy loins –err ears!


Up first are the hard-hitting Scots, THE FORGOTTEN SONS with ‘Leave the Light On’. These lads bill themselves as an alternative rock group that “are in a constant battle between heavy guitar riffs and catchy pop melodies.” The track opens with a gently sung emo-esuqe lyric chock full of feels…and then heavy ensues. Don’t let the intro fool you, the song gets up and goes with some hard rock edge reminiscent of bands like SICK PUPPIES and is a ball of energy right up until the end. ‘Leave the Light On’ is currently a single.

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