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Exclusive: Interview with Majozi

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Eleven top artists including Francois van Coke, Majozi, Arno Carstens, Early B, Die Heuwels Fantasties and more will be performing at Liefde by die Dam Meerendal Durbanville on 16 November – we caught up with Majozi about his love for music and plans for the next few months...

By Liny Kruger

Published Friday, 25 October 2019 11:25

Tell us about the music culture in Durban that you grew up with?

I grew up in the punk and hardcore scene in Durban. The scene was pretty amazing especially around 07'-08'. We just had a lot of fun, every weekend, watching all our friends play in different bands like City Bowl Mizers, Go Go Bronco, Sibling Rivalry, City of Gates, Crossing Point. The scene was well supported and some great memories were made. Later on, I got involved in the indie scene which was just as fun as well. The one common thread in all the scenes is that Durban musicians are really good and what they do, and the know-how to hustle, but also everyone is really nice and respectful too. 

How did this musical heritage inspire you?

Watching amazing performers like Gangs of Ballet really inspired me to take my live performances seriously. I learnt a lot from those guys and they are actually still involved in some of my songwriting today. I think they inspired a lot of us guys from Durban. Not just through their music but also through their willingness to help everyone around them.

When did you first know that you want to be a musician and make a career of it?

Ever since I started playing the guitar when I was 13, but I never knew that it could actually be a career. That realization only came when I started hearing friends that I knew on the radio, even then I still wasn't sure how it all happened for them, but eventually, in 2014 I got my first single on radio and then I was like, oh wow I can actually do this. I can actually make music my full-time career.

When did you realize that this dream was actually possible?

When I got my first single on the radio. It was a song called the River. I remember the first time hearing it on 5fm I started crying. I really was a magical time for me.

Which of your songs are your favourites?

Oh wow, that's a hard one, but I'd have to say 'Waiting', and 'Darling'. It's always nice seeing people respond positively to those songs, and I really appreciate the support I've had for both of them.

Which other South African artists do you admire?

Francois Van Coke, Matthew Mole, Aston Wylie, Monark, Die Heuwels, F*k of Polosie Kar... the list goes on and on and on.

What can fans expect from your set at Liefde by die Dam?

I'm gonna give the crowd everything I've got and we are all gonna have a lot of fun. I like to get everyone to sing along and just enjoy themselves.

Do you prepare differently for bigger open-air concerts like Liefde than for smaller intimate venue shows?

Each one has its perks but I really do love open-air concerts. The energy you get back from the crowd is exhilarating, and you get to do lots of cool things that you normally can't do in smaller places.

Tell us something that nobody really knows about you?

I live in Cape Town. Everyone thinks I still live in Durban, or I live in Joburg because of my name. I'm from Durban and Majozi is my actual surname.

Do you have any motto or mantra that you live by?

Never be a better musician than you are a person.

What are your plans for the next three months?

I'm gonna tour a lot during the festive season. Just have a lot of fun, and enjoy the awesome people and places of South Africa.

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About Majozi

Majozi is an Indie Folk Musician, from the heart of Durban. He has tattoos dedicated to his faith and to his mother - two very defining aspects of his life, both of which inspire the music he writes. You can say he wears his heart on his sleeve.

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