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La Trappe: Patience, Passion and Traditional Craftsmanship

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Trappist style beers are known for their high alcohol content and that they are brewed by monks who live in Trappist monasteries. Strict criteria apply to carry the Trappist label. The beer must have been brewed within a Trappist monastery by or under the supervision of the monks. The brewery must be of secondary importance to the monastery, adhere to the traditions of monastic life and can't be run as a business for profit. Proceeds from sales go to the upkeep of the monasteries and the living expenses of the monks, with the remainder being donated to charity.

By Alfonzo Rodriguez

Published Friday, 01 June 2018 07:19

La Trappe beers have been brewed by the Dutch brewery, De Koenigshoeven, since 1884. They've been a regular exhibitor at Capital Craft Beer Fest and will be there again this year. Make sure to visit their stall and have a taste of their traditionally crafted beers:

You've showcased your beers at Capital Craft Beer Festival before, what has your experiences been like at the festival and what stands out for you about the festival?

We`ve been involved with Capital beer festival for the last 4 years and every year we have seen the festival grow as well in size as popularity. In our experience, this festival has the best of everything, great live bands, beautiful setting and of course a brilliant selection of local and International beers!

Currently, there are only 11 monasteries in the world who make authentic Trappist beers. Beer is an ancient beverage which dates back to 3 500 BC, in our times when we get the impression that anyone can brew a beer, what is the value in maintaining a tradition dating back hundreds of years when it comes to the brewing of beer?

Our beers are brewed with patience, passion and traditional craftsmanship according to the secret recipes of the Trappists since the 1800`s. In addition, we only use natural ingredients in our brewing process: hop, barley yeast and water from our own spring. Maintaining these values and using pure ingredients from the day that the brewery was founded reflects the taste and consistency of these unique Ales.

Most people are familiar with your two award-winning beers, the Blonde and Dubbel, as well as the Tripel and Quadrupel, but tell us more about your Isid'or.

Brother Isidorus Laaber was the first brewmaster of the Onze Lieve Vrouw of Koningshoeven Abbey. In 1884, he began brewing Trappist beer, laying the foundation for the beer that we brew to this day. A wise decision for which many beer lovers are grateful to him. That makes brother Isidorus the founding father of La Trappe. In 2009, on occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Trappist brewery, brother Isidorus was honoured with his own beer: La Trappe Isid’or. The beer was received so well that it has been included in our standard collection.

Do you find that the South African market has a preference for one of your beers over the others? Which beers will you bring to the festival?

The South African market seems to be very fond of La Trappe Blond which is the most accessible of the range with a slight malty but fruity flavour. At 6,5% ABV, this is also the first logical introduction to the Trappist beers. La Trappe Dubbel (7% ABV) in its turn seems to be more popular in the Western Cape. This is a dark beer with a full malty, caramel-sweet taste. The flagship, La Trappe Quadrupel is the heaviest ale and comes in at 10% ABV. It has an amber colour with a full, warming and intensive taste.

All 3 will be available on tap at our stand but with a limited offering of La Trappe Quadrupel. So those who want to taste this special beer will have to be early!

The Monks that brew the beer only get to drink one beer each Sunday. La Trappe represents a measured and conscientious approach to enjoying beer. What is your serving suggestion for a beer enthusiast who wants to have the optimal experience and enjoyment of a La Trappe beer?

Our Ales are there to be enjoyed at ease and preferably in the typical La Trappe Goblet (glass). The shape and size of the glass allow savouring the aromas and taste throughout.

At the festival, this is of course not possible and we gladly make an exception to share these unique beers. For the ones who would like to try this at the comfort of their home, we will be selling the La Trappe Gift packs which include 4 x different style bottles of La Trappe Ales and 1 x La Trappe Goblet glass.

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