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Q and A with Hunter Kennedy from Die Heuwels Fantasties

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Described by Hunter Kennedy as, "Modern folk-pop ear candy" Hervebeel is the chosen title for Die Heuwels Fantasties' new album, which was released today. Hervebeel is a great musical ride that includes acoustic renditions and exciting collaborations in the re-imagining of some of their most popular songs. We spoke to Hunter about the new album.

By Liny Kruger

Published Friday, 11 December 2020 12:52

Congratulations to Die Heuwels Fantasties for 3 albums in an unusual year. How was this possible, considering lockdown constraints?

Thank you! Well, the first one '2021' was in its post-production phase right before the shitstorm hit. We had to adapt our roll-out plan to include a Livestream show, which we also recorded which became the '2021: Live in Lockdown' album. We've always wanted to do reimaginings of old songs and this seemed like the opportune time to do it seeing as most of us didn't really have a touring schedule and so HERVERBEEL was born. It was great working with some new friends!

You did a fantastic Livestream show to introduce your first release of the year in May. How did it feel to not be able to have a live audience?

Thank you! It felt like we were filming a high budget band practice tbh. Eventually, we started congratulating and clapping for ourselves. Lol!

What was the best part of the Livestream experience?

It was pretty daunting. Getting to play the new songs was probably the highlight. We had the people watching up on the big screens and it was quite emotional actually. It was the first time in a while I felt connected to a larger group of people outside my friends and family. 

There are many impressive collabs on the new album HERVERBEEL. How did you get everyone to be available in the needed timeline?

I don't think anyone was doing anything really! Lol! And I think people were just keen to do shit.

To give us a feel of how the tracks have been re-imagined (HERVERBEEL) – sum up the original and new version of these tracks in 3 words:

Ons Moet Leef – original: Drumforward Power Pop
Ons Moet Leef (Akoesties) [feat. Ampie.): Laid Back Country

Mejuffrou Sonneblom original: 90s Loser Pop
Mejuffrou Sonneblom (feat. Margot): Chill Lofi Dreamy
Doodgewone Aand original: Indie Space Synth
Doodgewone Aand (feat. Chxrl)Modern Considered Minimalism

Die Heuwels has an impressive discography of album releases. Which 3 of your releases through the years are your favourite and why?

That is such a tough one! They all have a place you know. 2021 though, I think is a great album. I love the new sounds. The first self-titled one of course. Cause everything was so new. And this Herverbeel I have to say is a good all-round listen

Whats cooking for Die Heuwels in 2021?

It would be rad to be able to play a show.

What advice will you give to aspiring musicians and songwriters in these tumultuous times?

Keep writing! Hook up with other like-minded people (even if it is digitally) and make good shit. Just do something instead of thinking about it all the time, you rascal. 

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Die Heuwels Fantasties

Die Heuwels Fantasties

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Die Heuwels Fantasties is an Afrikaans electronic band from Bellville, South Africa. Die Heuwels Fantasties is composed of Hunter Kennedy, Pierre Greeff, Fred den Hartog and Sheldon Yoko.


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