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The Lady Day Big Band Album Launch Luvus’Umoya  - Awaken the Spirit!

The Lady Day Big Band Album Launch Luvus’Umoya - Awaken the Spirit!

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Homecoming Center, Cape Town – 23 February 2024

By Yolanda Saayman

Published Wednesday, 28 February 2024 09:35

The Lady Day Big Band, inspired by the unforgettable Billy “Lady Day” Holiday, personifies swing, sass and literally, all that jazz.

Lana Crowster’s dream was to start a big band that would provide a platform for professional female musicians to showcase their talents. What started out as a crazy idea, was collectively realized by her, Amanda Tiffin and Kelly Bell in 2018.

The 20-piece band is dynamic in every way and consists of an ensemble of accomplished Cape Town female musicians who have impressed audiences all over South Africa since its inception.

The Lady Day Big Band represents teamwork at its best and one can sense a special sisterhood and camaraderie among the women. The excitement on the stage and backstage was infectious and their passion for music was almost tangible. The synergy is incredible, considering that they make time for band practice after a full day’s work to do what they love and live the dream.

Five years in the making and in great anticipation of their fans, the band’s debut album, Luvus’Umoya meaning “to awaken the spirit”, was launched at the Homecoming Centre in Cape Town on Friday night.

Tiffin, an accomplished pianist-vocalist and music director, shared their raison d’etre with the audience and said that it is a privilege to be able to compose and arrange music for her own band. She described the tracks on the album as a collection of all South African music with a key focus on South African Jazz.

Crowster said that the evening is an ode to the late Gloria Bosman who was kind enough to lend her powerhouse vocal skills to the band. The epic rendition of Busi Mhlongo’s Yehlisan’umoya features on the album. This would have been one of Bosman’s last recordings. Tiffin commented that they were humbled and grateful that they got to include her voice on their album – a great honour indeed.

Even more impressive is that six of the tracks on the album were composed by members of the band! It is seriously hard to fathom such immense talent on one stage, each musician a master of her craft.

The band was joined on stage by special guest vocalists Lynelle Kenned, Leah Adams and Anathi Mobo.

At the end of the evening, the fans were reluctant to go home and wanted to hear more. The band returned back on stage, unceremoniously, and performed a South African Vintage Pop Medley that got the audience swaying to the music.

Now that’s how you awaken the spirit and earn a well-deserved standing ovation!

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The Lady Day Big Band - Livus'umoya


The Lady Day Big Band - Luvus’Umoya Album Launch