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Discover the World's Top Tattoo Artists at Cape Town's International Tattoo Convention

Discover the World's Top Tattoo Artists at Cape Town's International Tattoo Convention

| Cultural
29-31 Mar. 2024
South African Int. Tattoo Convention
The Lookout V&A Waterfront
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The South African International Tattoo Convention (SAITC) in Cape Town from March 29–31, 2024, gathers over 120 tattoo artists worldwide, solidifying its status as a premier showcase in Africa. Founder Waldo Del Rocca highlights the convention's role in advancing tattoo art and bringing global talent to South Africa.

By Underground Press

Published Wednesday, 13 March 2024 13:35

More than 120 tattooers from around the world will come together in Cape Town from March 29–31, 2024, for the annual South African International Tattoo Convention (SAITC). This highly curated event is recognised as one of the best tattoo artist showcases in the world, and is the only one of its kind in Africa. The three-day-long experience draws travelling artists from more than twenty countries to South Africa and further cements Cape Town as a premier cultural destination and hub.

Founder Waldo Del Rocca reflects on the evolution of tattooing, citing its remarkable advancement and ever-growing popularity. “The art of tattooing has progressed in leaps and bounds over recent years, and with a surge in popularity, tattoo art has reached new heights,” says del Rocca. “We began this event six years ago to bring the world’s best tattoo artists to South Africa.” 

The convention will boast a lineup comprising seventy percent international talent alongside thirty percent local artists. Featured tattoo artists at this year’s convention are highlighted in the link below::.

South African Tattoo Convention 2023 Cape Town | Artists

For those eager to receive tattoos from their preferred tattoo artists, patrons are encouraged to secure their place by scheduling an appointment through the website or as a walk-up at the event. 

“There is something incredibly special about this global coming-together of artists. It offers a high-quality tattooing experience, in a professional environment, where you will receive world-class advice with a wide selection of tattoos to choose from,” organiser Romy Van Tonder adds. “Whether you are collecting a small memento-type tattoo from an artist’s drawing sheet, looking for some fine art prints for your home, or committing to a full-day tattoo by your favourite artist, there is an unexplainable magic that happens when so many people come together for this event.”.

The organisers pride themselves on the event being a premium, high-quality convention with only the best on offer.

“The convention is a heartfelt tattooer-owned. Each year, we consider it a great honour to gather an amazing group of artists under one roof,” says Del Rocca. “Over the convention weekend, we’ll host food trucks, live bands, coffee roasters, chocolatiers, and more. After three days of tattooing, the fun is not over! The tattooers have established a few traditions, like taking the train to swim with the cape penguins and going on a 3-day safari.”

The 2024 South African International Tattoo Convention will unfold at The Lookout, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, serving as a testament to the city's status as a cultural epicentre. Get your tickets today at 

Please note: Under 12s receive complimentary access.

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>> Wednesday, 13 March 2024 13:35

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