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Avatar Projected Onto Shanghai Disney's Castle Looks Incredible

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Avatar projections and new exhibit images bring Pandora to life in a unique way, building the hype about the film’s worldwide re-release.

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Published Friday, 23 September 2022 21:39

The world of Avatar is displayed onto the Disney Castle in Shanghai in incredible new images. James Cameron’s Avatar was originally released in 2009, but that has not stopped the magic of Pandora from flourishing almost a decade after. Avatar opens for re-release worldwide on September 23. This new run in theaters will show the original 2009 film in a reinvigorated fashion, as it will showcase the film on 4K digital, updating the already-impressive visual effects. Avatar’s re-release will run in theaters for two weeks only.

This re-release will prepare viewers for the bigger Avatar event of the year: the premiere of Avatar: The Way of the Water. With both movies only being released a few months apart from each other, the marketing for the Avatar universe has ramped up. Recently, the Avatar movies have received copious additional marketing and products. This has included everything from fan art, LEGO sets, and of course, events at Disney.

Avatar is honored yet again through stunning new images coming out of Shanghai Disney Resort. The Avatar official Facebook page posted a series of images from Shanghai Disney’s celebration of Avatar. These images include vibrantly-colored projections of Avatar’s color scheme and key images of the Disney castle at the resort. Shanghai Disney Resort also announced the opening of the Avatar: Explore Pandora exhibition, which features impressive visual light renderings of the Tree of Souls and other projections. Additionally, the celebration featured one of the earliest global 4K screenings of Avatar. Check out the breathtaking images below:

Fans Everywhere Can Now Return To The World Of Pandora

Fans outside of Shanghai should fear not, because Avatar: Explore Pandora is not the only way to celebrate Avatar before it returns to theaters. The beautiful images of the Avatar screening room in Shanghai represent merely one of the hundreds of theaters worldwide that will be showing Avatar again starting on September 23. Given how long it has been between the Avatar movies, James Cameron is excited for new viewers to see the original film. These screenings, along with the images coming out of Shanghai, build anticipation for the return to the fluorescent world of Avatar. Fans everywhere will be immersed in this universe again as the 4K release becomes widely available for viewing.

Avatar's re-release will also have something to offer fans who are interested in the continuation of the Avatar universe. Those screenings will feature a post-credits sequence of a clip from the upcoming sequel Avatar: The Way of the Water. The sequel will present more stunning visuals, beyond what even a revitalized print of the 2009 version can accomplish. Those who enjoy Avatar’s re-release may be even more stunned by the visual spectacle Cameron and his team have to offer with Avatar: The Way of the Water.

Source: Avatar (via Facebook)

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