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16-year Old Peyton Luyt Releases Debut Single!

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16-Year-Old Peyton Luyt’s debut single, Butterflies, is simply about a girl and her music. There is no pretence or special effects.

By Underground Press

Published Wednesday, 28 September 2022 11:49

16-year-old Peyton Luyt’s debut single, BUTTERFLIES, sounds like a song from a Disney movie and perfectly captures the experience and angst of having a crush. Written from the perspective of a secret admirer, it explores the effects of crushing on someone and highlights why most people never express those feelings.

The song was originally penned by Peyton for a class activity, which required learners to write their own songs and it is also the last song that Dennis East produced before he passed away along with engineer, Sergio Trout at CTS. “At the time I had a massive crush on a boy,” she admits. “I thought he was way out of my league, and I felt too afraid and intimidated to say or to do anything about it. I drew inspiration for the song from that experience.”

BUTTERFLIES will resonate with listeners because it is honest and relatable. “Most people have had a crush on someone at some point in their lives. Maybe they felt they couldn’t act on it out of fear of embarrassment, rejection or ridicule, or because they thought that the person was out of their league. And maybe they believe that things would be different if only they could pluck up the courage to express their feelings”, says Peyton.

Accompanying her debut single is a music video, which was shot in studio by Danie Nel. “I wanted something natural that would let people feel as if they are in the studio with me,” explains Peyton. “Once I had explained my vision, Patrick van Blerk suggested we film the recording to share an authentic experience of my journey through the process and the creation of BUTTERFLIES. We decided on using the studio as nothing felt forced or overly choreographed.”

She adds: “I’m delighted that this will be my first single and video. As listeners are not familiar with my music, my voice, who I am or even what I look like, it is a great introduction as it is simply about a girl and her music. There is no pretence or special effects.”

As her official entry into the music industry, BUTTERFLIES has a special place in Peyton’s heart. However, she also cherishes it for other reasons. “The song has not only exposed me to all the different aspects of the music industry but has also given me the opportunity to work with big industry names and incredibly talented individuals,” says Peyton. “I have learnt so much during the writing and production processes, as well as while making the video.”

The young artist, who lives in East London and is currently in Grade 10, expressed a passion for music from a young age and used to entertain her family with her pink mic and matching pink electric guitar. Thanks to her grandfather, she was exposed to various genres and artists, which cemented that passion.

She started performing in musical productions from the age of eight. That, in addition to her participation in the school and chamber choirs and the church band, enhanced her musical abilities and boosted her confidence.

At the age of ten, she began with classical singing training. She completed her Grade 5 certificate in Classical Singing from Trinity College in London and is working towards completing her Grade 7 certificate this year. She is also being trained in opera and the Alexander Technique. Additionally, the young singer-songwriter is working on a pop song to broaden her repertoire and plans to release an EP in the future. “Singing is a form of expression for me, and it just genuinely makes me happy,” she says.

While Peyton enjoys a variety of music – her playlist ranges from Tchaikovsky to rock, with some Afrikaans thrown in for good measure – she is trying her best to not let existing artists influence her sound. “I want to be original. When people listen to me, I don’t want them to hear someone else,” she explains.

Outside of her music and school, Peyton enjoys the dramatic arts and is particularly fond of watching live performances, from ballet and symphonies to opera and stage productions. She is also a self-proclaimed bookworm. “I will read just about anything I can get my hands on, especially period novels. I also like to sketch and paint, and I love baking with my mom, who is a total whiz in the kitchen.”

The up-and-coming artist admires more than just her mom’s culinary skills. “My mom is my role model. She has not only given me the opportunity to pursue my music and fulfil my dreams but has shown me what it is to work hard for what you want.”

BUTTERFLIES is an authentic, heartfelt and relatable debut single and is available for download from:

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