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Cape Town's Stanley Sibande Releases Hard Hitting Video For His Emotional Track 'Cuts'

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“We can’t filter or sugar coat our individual stories…”

By Underground Press

Published Friday, 14 October 2022 08:35

'Cuts' is inspired by actual events, and one that is directly related to Cape Town based singer-songwriter Stanley Sibande. Composed during the recent global lockdown, Sibande took the time to sit and reflect on his mental health challenges, continued relapses and self-harm experiences.

I wrote the song during the strict lockdowns of 2020 when I had the chance to really sit with myself and reflect on every experience and decision that had led me to the point I was at in 2020 and this experience is one of the biggest, because it was what pushed me to make the decision to leave Zambia after I realized that if I didn’t get up and leave, it was going to happen again and I wasn’t sure if I was going to survive it the second time around…” explains Stanley.

He adds, “It was important to me to make this video and to provide a visual aspect to the story around Cuts. The video paints a more holistic picture of my experience and raises the growing conversation around mental health and the importance of getting help when you recognise that you need it. The video for Cuts may not be the easiest thing to sit through and I completely understand that it might not go over well with some people but if we’re going to have these conversations and be completely open and honest about what we’re struggling with, whether its present or past, we can’t filter or sugar coat our individual stories for the sake of palatability…”

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>> Friday, 14 October 2022 11:12

Singer-songwriter, Stanley Sibande

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Stanley Sibande

Stanly Sibande

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About Stanley Sibande

Stanley Sibande is Singer, Songwriter, and Multi-instrumentalist based in CapeTown, South Africa.


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Stanley Sibande - Photo by Laham Photography

Stanley Sibande - Photo by Laham Photography

Photography by Laham Photography