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Get Ready to Rock! WONDERboom's New 'Deadly' Video Will Blow Your Mind!

Get Ready to Rock! WONDERboom's New 'Deadly' Video Will Blow Your Mind!

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By Underground Press

Published Friday, 15 March 2024 09:11

South African rock band, WONDERboom, have been a formidable presence in the country's music scene for an impressive 28 years. Continuously evolving and dominating stages worldwide, the quartet defies expectations and surpasses their own musical legacies with each endeavour. Thriving on their exceptional chemistry, both on and off stage, WONDERboom recognizes the magic they create together surpasses the sum of its parts. Their live performances are a testament to this synergy, captivating audiences with a diverse sound spanning rock, funk, punk, and afro-dance.

The band has unveiled the video for their latest single, 'Deadly,' taken from their upcoming album "Hard Mode," scheduled for release on March 22nd via Just Music.

Commenting on the video, guitarist Martin Schofield says, "It was definitely one of the most enjoyable videos we’ve ever done. The extras and 'actors' made it! Ryan DuToit from Dutwaa Creative Agency did a fantastic job on concept and filming with a 'rock n roll' budget. As a band, we’ve never done a sports-themed music video. Too much fun was had as we realized how useless we were/are at serious 'sport.' The song 'Deadly' is dark yet poppy, and it juxtaposes the video really well. Enjoy it, we did!"

For fans eagerly anticipating Wonderboom's latest offering, "Deadly" promises to be another exciting addition to their catalog, showcasing the band's signature blend of energy, creativity, and musical prowess.

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WONDERBoom - Photographer: Daniel Craig


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About WONDERBoom

For 25 years, WONDERboom has epitomised musical unity and growth, led by the tight-knit "WONDERbrothers" from Joburg. Their latest compilation, "WONDERboom 25," blends classic hits with a fresh single, showcasing their evolving sound. The album celebrates their shared experiences and profound camaraderie as a band.
Released through Just Music, "WONDERboom 25" is more than a retrospective; it's a testament to a lifetime of dedication. Alongside the music, the band unveils "WONDERboom: 25 to Life," a documentary directed by Ivyann Moreira-Schofield. This film offers fans a glimpse into the personal stories and pivotal moments that have defined WONDERboom's iconic journey.
Through their music and storytelling, WONDERboom continues to captivate audiences, leaving an indelible mark on the South African music scene.


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