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Independent Dutch Record Label Lay Bare Recordings Celebrates 10 Years

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Celebrating a Decade of Sonic Power: Independent Dutch Record Label Lay Bare Recordings Marks 10 Years and 52 Album Releases

By Underground Press

Published Thursday, 24 August 2023 10:03

In a world dominated by digital streams and fleeting trends, independent Dutch record label Lay Bare Recordings stands as a steadfast champion of authentic music experiences. As they proudly celebrate their 10th anniversary, the label has achieved an impressive milestone of 52 album releases, showcasing an unwavering commitment to musical diversity and quality.

Founded in 2013, Lay Bare Recordings has carved a distinctive niche in the music industry by focusing on the artistry of vinyl releases across a vast spectrum of genres from the rock and metal world, from the low and slow to the hard and heavy, Lay Bare Recordings has solidified its reputation as a champion of diversity and musical excellence.

Over the past decade, the label has curated a collection that transcends mere sonic creations. Each album, meticulously crafted and pressed on high-quality vinyl, becomes a tangible embodiment of the artists' vision. The label recognizes the significance of preserving the analogue warmth and intimate connection that only vinyl can offer, and they have consistently upheld this tradition throughout their journey.

" Today, 10 years later and working on the 52nd release, I still feel truly humbled to continue releasing such great music from bands all over the world. This can only happen by the support of you, the music aficionados, music fans from everywhere,"  says Désirée Hanssen, the founder of Lay Bare Recordings.


The label's 52 album releases span an impressive range of genres, showcasing the label's dedication to promoting artistic diversity. With each release, Lay Bare Recordings has not only celebrated the musicians' creativity but has also offered music enthusiasts a chance to experience music as a multisensory journey, combining stunning album artwork, meticulously designed packaging, and the tactile pleasure of spinning vinyl.

To commemorate their 10th anniversary in style, Lay Bare Recordings have launched a "Killer Classics Sale" that promises to enthrall music enthusiasts. With discounted prices on select vinyl releases. In addition to the Killer Classics Sale, Lay Bare Recordings is excited to offer exclusive pre-orders for upcoming releases. This unique opportunity allows fans to secure their copies of eagerly anticipated albums before they hit the shelves.



Killer classics for €15, €10, or less! A celebration offer especially for vinyl lovers for a limited time. Hurry up the stock is limited!


LBR Pic 1


As the party goes on Lay Bare is thrilled to launch the pre-orders for Mojo & the Kitchen Brothers - Flaming Tiger Lizard EP and debut full length Mojo's Heavy Cream.

"Mojo & the Kitchen Brothers is a 5-headed omnium gatherum of eclectically inspired music freaks from Belgium cooking up a late 60’s early 70’s mix of heavy progrock soaked in psychedelia. Catchy tunes, proggy riffs, deafening drums, roaring basslines and spacy, triple-guitar jams take you on a journey through the limbo between past and present."

Dive into the captivating world of sound crafted by this dynamic Belgian group, and seize the opportunity to pre-order their albums 'Flaming Tiger Lizard EP' and 'Mojo's Heavy Cream' individually or as an attractively priced bundle.

Flaming Tiger Lizard

Pre-Order Flaming Tiger Lizard

Flaming Tiger Lizard

Pre-Order Mojo’s Heavy Cream

As the label looks toward the next decade, their unwavering dedication to the soulful spirit of music remains their guiding principle. The label's commitment to nurturing artistic innovation and fostering a genuine connection between musicians and listeners continues to drive their endeavours, ensuring that the timeless allure of vinyl will thrive for generations to come.

For more information about Lay Bare Recordings and their 10th-anniversary celebrations, please visit their official website at

Watch this space for news about the upcoming releases from Sister May, RRRags, Bismut, Modder, Ghorot & Severant.

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Lay Bare Recordings

About Lay Bare Recordings

Lay Bare Recordings is focused on VINYL and supports bands that I think have an added value in the underground and unconventional music scene. I am very devoted to bring those sounds to a wider audience.
The music styles that Lay Bare Recordings will be promoting, are from artists who put their heart and soul in their music. Songs and music made with passion, vigor and quality.
Do you know a band, or are you part of a band that will feel at home in what Lay Bare Recordings represents? Send me a link & message. I am always looking for new bands & songs that speak to me. So spread the news or give me your thoughts.