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Johannesburg’s RAPTORS & REMNANTS releases new tribute single ‘MOUNTAIN’

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By Underground Press

Published Friday, 28 October 2022 13:37

Since first learning to play his instruments, Nicolas Gonzalez was writing books of songs for himself that wouldn’t quite fit the sound and energy of Climate Control, the JHB-based alternative rock band he was a founding member of since 2008. Raptors & Remnants became the solo project he channelled this material into. With a penchant for melancholy melodies and introspective lyrics, Raptors & Remnants has always been an outlet for Nic to express the quieter side of his songwriting.

‘Mountain’ was created as a tribute to his late father, and as a form of much-needed catharsis. It was written and recorded in the space of a single day, almost out of necessity; a way to create something out of tragedy.

“It’s been a wildly difficult year, and this is a song I never wanted to have to write. But I hope that it can resonate with other people to try and ease this form of universal pain we all experience in one way or another,” says Nic.

Raptors & Remnants is the solo music project of Nic Gonzalez, previously of JHB’s alternative rock outfit Climate Control. Nic has released several singles and videos as Raptors & Remnants, along with collaborations with artists Spurgimoto & Luke Knox.

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About Raptors & Remnants

Raptors & Remnants is about the discovery and sincerity of human emotion; an aural combination of melody, groove, and melancholy.


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