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Loki Rothman & Die Heuwels Fantasties Drop New Video For Their Catchy Collab 'Nog Een'

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By Underground Press

Published Thursday, 20 July 2023 10:27

Loki Rothman first made his mark on the music scene in the SA’s Got Talent Competition in 2009. His unique fingerstyle and percussive guitar-playing talents gained him international attention on his YouTube channel - where he currently has over 1.4 million views. Singer, Musician, Music Director, and Composer for Television Series and Films, Loki's diary has been so full for the past three years, that he has only recently found time to work on the re-release of some great Afrikaans tracks that were originally released in March 2020.

Loki says that his single, 'Nog Een', which he recorded together with Die Heuwels Fantasties, already had its origins in 2018. "I was busy with music for the kykNET series Tydelik Terminaal at the time. The score for this series had a strong electronic feel to it. At the same time, I was busy with the writing and recording of my debut Afrikaans album, which took almost four years to complete. I needed three more songs to complete the album. A 40 second-piece of music for the Tydelik Terminaal soundtrack stuck with me and inspired the chorus and verse of the single 'Nog Een.' I just knew that I had to ask Die Heuwels Fantasties if they would be keen to collab on this particular track. It was a perfect fit."

Pierre Greeff from Die Heuwels Fantasties has been working with Loki on various music productions and projects for many years. He says: “Loki can do absolutely everything. He is the real deal. I really like what we did here. 'Nog Een' is one of my favourite collabs up to date.”

As a sought-after music director, Loki also produces his own music. With “Nog Een” Ewald van Rensburg was also involved in the production and the song was initially released in March 2020. Loki performed one show of a planned tour to launch the album when the world suddenly stopped at that time. He then kept himself busy to refine his musical work for Television and Film over the next few years.

Loki says that this altered course changed everything. “My own album and work as an artist were left behind. A few months ago, I realized that I also want to pay attention to my own musical career as a singer and not just focus on music production. The time felt right to re-release my Afrikaans tracks. I recently made new videos for the two songs, 'Nog Een'" with DHF and 'Dronkverdriet' with Francois van Coke and it made perfect sense to re-introduce these tracks with the new videos. Later this year I will also release a brand-new Afrikaans single with a video, and these three videos form a storyline that you can follow if you watch them one after the other."

One of the milestones for Loki over the last few years is that he created his own home studio, Rothman Records. He says: "It's a private studio where I work with artists and clients.”

Another recent highlight for Loki is that the famous guitar brand Alvarez made two signature Loki Rothman guitars after they saw him playing one of their guitars on a Tik Tok video. The guitars are manufactured in a small town in Japan and can be ordered directly from Alvarez. "

For Loki, the passage of time is a very interesting factor: "I am in a completely different place as a person. When 'Nog Een' was released in 2020, the success of the album mattered a whole lot. I was quite sensitive about it; it was all or nothing. My career has progressed to a very good place over the past few years. I feel calmer and ironically now also more focused. I look forward to where all of this will take me and how it can all possibly fit together, me as a guitarist and then also a singer, music producer and composer.”

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>> Thursday, 20 July 2023 10:27

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Loki Rothman

Loki Rothman

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  • Acoustic Rock

About Loki Rothman

South African guitar virtuoso, LOKI ROTHMAN is the complete package. He has mastered many genres on the guitar, has a mesmerizing voice and paints beautiful landscapes with his original lyrics. Loki jump-started his career when he ended up in the top 6 on the first season of SA’s Got Talent.
He has travelled the world as Jack Parow’s brilliant guitarist, worked with the likes of Die Antwoord and Toya Delazy and runs his own private music school. Loki sent two brilliant releases into the world in 2015 exhibiting his amazing diversity as a musician – his debut album, The Way Back, and his guitar instrumental DVD, Syndactyly.

Die Heuwels Fantasties

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  • Alternative, Pop

About Die Heuwels Fantasties

Die Heuwels Fantasties is an Afrikaans electronic rock band from Bellville, South Africa. The group is made up of Hunter Kennedy, Pierre Greeff (Lukraaketaar), Fred den Hartog (Thieve), and Sheldon Yoko. As of 2022, they have released eight studio albums and four EPs, all on their own record label, Supra Familias.


Loki Rothman & Die Heuwels Fantasties - Nog Een

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