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OnDisplay Unleashes Epic New Video for Latest Single 'Soothe'

OnDisplay Unleashes Epic New Video for Latest Single 'Soothe'

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By Underground Press

Published Tuesday, 12 December 2023 09:38

Electro-metalcore duo OnDisplay is set to mesmerise audiences with the release of the music video for their single 'Soothe.' The musical journey of OnDisplay is an amalgamation of the distinct styles and rich past experiences of vocalist and guitarist Ryan Kopman and drummer Greg Groothedde, resulting in a unique fusion of melodic rock and metalcore, with a touch of screamo. Their debut track, 'Soothe,' released in 2023, has not only gained widespread acclaim but has also paved the way for the band to connect with audiences on a deeper level, delivering powerful messages through their music.

The latest milestone in OnDisplay's journey is the release of the official music video for 'Soothe.' Filmed against the breathtaking backdrop of a salt pan in Dealesville, South Africa, the video is a visual feast that adds a compelling layer to the already powerful track. The concept for the video emerged organically during the songwriting process, making it a truly special project for the band.

"The concept for 'Soothe' and the music video played a pivotal role in defining OnDisplay and the content that we wanted to share with the world," says Ryan Kopman. "We had extensive discussions about mental health and the various 'therapies' people resort to. 'Soothe' depicts the struggle and search for a therapy, which could yield positive or, in many cases, negative outcomes. Music emerged as our saviour in times of despair."

"So, 'Soothe' began as a riff that we played around with during our set preparations," explains Greg. "The song developed musically as we worked on lyrics and melody, and both Ryan and I were fully committed to the project. What made 'Soothe' special was that we already had the concept for the music video while creating the song."

OnDisplay's commitment to addressing the gravity of mental illness and the complex journey individuals undertake shines through in 'Soothe,' both in its sonic intensity and the compelling visuals of the music video. The band aims to connect with listeners on a profound level, offering solace and understanding through their music.

While 'Soothe' continues to make waves, OnDisplay has more in store for their dedicated fan base. Ryan Kopman reveals, "We eventually made the decision to make an acoustic version of it, which we will release officially in the next couple of months." Fans can look forward to experiencing another dimension of OnDisplay's musical prowess in the upcoming acoustic rendition of 'Soothe.'

As OnDisplay continues to carve its path in the world of electro-metalcore, the release of the 'Soothe' music video marks a significant milestone in their journey, defining their identity and setting the stage for more groundbreaking releases in the future.

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About OnDisplay

OnDisplay is a powerful electronic rock and post-hardcore duo formed by vocalist and guitarist Ryan Kopman and drummer Greg Groothedde. Their distinctive fusion of melodic rock and metalcore, infused with elements of screamo, sets them apart in the music world.
Following the release of their debut track 'Soothe' earlier in 2023, the band continues to captivate audiences and convey meaningful messages through their music.


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