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ROSS HARDING Releases New EP & Music Video For BLACK SUN BLUES

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By Frederic Egersdörfer

Published Friday, 04 November 2022 09:13

South African Rock singer-songwriter Ross Harding returns with his new EP Chapter II and music video for 'Black Sun Blues'. Together with Byron Muller at Audio Nebular Studios, Harding worked hard to bring life to a commanding track reminiscent of the classic rock, grunge, and blues artists of the past.

Mixed by Byron Muller and mastered by Rogan Kelsey, the project is emotive, moving, and original.

Harding personifies his rich, versatile vocal ability with expert guitar knowledge, gaining global recognition for his command of blues and rock music, reminiscent of the classic rock, grunge and blues artists of the past.

Harding captivates audiences with his vocal prowess and acoustic guitar accompaniment, performing both as a solo acoustic artist and with a band boasting mastery of the blues, classic rock styles, and original music. 

His debut solo record, REST & RESURRECTION, released in early 2022, has seen local and international recognition, with his follow-up EP, called, CHAPTER II releasing on 4 November, including his music video for 'BLACK SUN BLUES', sponsored by MTN.

Track Listing & Ross Harding Commentary

1. Black Sun Blues

"A darker, more Rock ‘n’ Roll take on the traditional 12-Bar Blues. It’s a song about paradox – light and dark, good and evil, order and chaos, constantly at war with each other to find balance."

2. Blood & Bones

"The attempt to transcend our physical self, shed our “blood and bones’’ becoming something greater – into the realm of spirit and the divine."

3. Love & Time

"Inspired by overarching themes of Love & Time."

4. Fire Away

"Diving into chaos headfirst in order to come out the other side as changed for the greater good."

5. Let It Go II (Return)

"A kind of melancholy slow blues song. This is actually my second time recording this tune. Lyrically inspired by Freud and Jung, with themes of the shadow self, alchemy and the doomed search for immortality, finally reaching acceptance of one’s mortality."


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Ross Hardin

Ross Hardin

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About Ross Harding

Ross Harding is a songwriter and performing artist, he personifies rich, versatile vocal abilities with expert guitar knowledge, and has gained industry recognition for his command of blues and rock music, reminiscent of the classic rock, grunge & blues artists of the past.
Ross Harding has supported major South African artists like DAN PATLANSKY, FOKOFPOLISIEKAR, THE NARROW, and PRIME CIRCLE and is able to enchant all kinds of audiences.


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