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Melbourne-based Rock artist The Black Skeleton is set to unleash their latest album, titled, The Rear View on August 11 via Golden Robot Records.

By Underground Press

Published Wednesday, 02 August 2023 10:54

The Rear View is a raw and energetic collection of tracks masterminded by multi-instrumentalist Quinn Gardener-KaneQuinn’s unapologetic songwriting style pushes the boundaries of traditional rock songwriting while combining elements of post-punk, stadium rock, and gritty edginess.

Among the previously released singles, 'Swear' embodies the essence of the album, hitting hard with its powerful and catchy hooks. Meanwhile, 'The Snake' promises pure fun and high-octane enjoyment as a rock ‘n’ roll anthem. The album opens with the explosive track 'Raiser', a sexually charged and relentless journey into mayhem. Taking a daring step into new territory, 'The Rabbit Hole' exudes a distinct energy, captivating listeners with its honest and unconventional approach. 'Killfingers' pays homage to a beloved movie while delivering a cold and slow touch to those who deserve it.

'The Snake' is the second single from the album. It’s a rock ‘n’ roll anthem that promises pure fun and high-octane enjoyment, while the title track, 'The Rear View', is an empowering reminder to leave the past behind and embrace one’s true self, headed toward a brighter future.

'Puppy Run' takes a lighthearted, yet heartfelt turn as The Black Skeleton shares a personal tribute to a beloved dog, creating an emotional connection with listeners. 'Jaded Ways' offers a fresh perspective on relationships, encouraging listeners to find happiness by moving on.

'Sakura' stands out as an instrumental masterpiece, radiating an energy of hope and anticipation for what lies ahead. The album concludes with 'Change', a poignant reflection on the fleeting nature of romantic love, reminding us that nothing lasts forever.

With The Rear ViewThe Black Skeleton demonstrates their prowess as artists unafraid to experiment and evolve their sound. Each track tells a unique story, drawing from personal experiences and universal themes. The album promises an electrifying and unforgettable musical journey, sure to leave fans craving more. Get ready to experience The Rear View and let The Black Skeleton take you on a wild and exhilarating ride.

The Rear View by The Black Skeleton will be available on all streaming platforms on August 11th via Golden Robot Records.


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The Black Skeleton

The Black Skeleton

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About The Black Skeleton

The Black Skeleton began as a recording and songwriting experiment in August 2019 featuring Quinn Gardener-Kane and Dave Leslie. The first release in 2021 was a rip snorter of a track called “The Ledge”. This was followed up with five subsequent singles and a heap of buzz about the quality of the songwriting and the guitar and vocal performances. These songs culminated into the 2022 EP release, “Indications of Fate”, which was very well received by critics and fans alike.
Quinn has continued writing new tracks and is about to release The Black Skeleton’s debut album, “The Rear View”, on all streaming services, CD and vinyl in October 2023.
The first two singles, 'Swear' and 'The Snake', have been well received in many countries and there is already a heap of buzz about this album from the public and the band’s record company who are right behind it.


The Black Skeleton - The Rear View

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