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The Hometalk Remix | A Tribute To The Next Generation Of Young South Africans

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By Underground Press

Published Friday, 30 June 2023 08:40

Johannesburg, South Africa, 30 June 2023: – Think of the impactful rhythm of Juluka’s Impi, the stirring sounds of Miriam Makeba’s Pata Pata, or the heartfelt plea in Eddy Grant’s Give Me Hope Jo’Anna.

These iconic songs demonstrate the power of music to capture the spirit of an era, revive past emotions, and create a sense of nostalgia for a time well remembered or best forgotten.

Music born in pre-apartheid South Africa has the ability to evoke that gritty, raw essence of the anti-apartheid movement, while at the same time igniting the passion that makes today’s culture so alive.

In an endeavour to reintroduce these profound emotions to South Africa's young generation, 608 Experiences, a division of GRID Worldwide, together with Africa’s oldest record label, Gallo Record Company, is excited to launch a remixed version of Mango Groove’s iconic song Hometalk, in honour of Youth Day and everything it signifies. 

Originally released in 1990 by Tusk Music, Mango Groove’s Hometalk paid homage to the values of a liberated South Africa. It’s uplifting sound and memorable lyrics spoke to what it was to come home, free from oppression, poverty and inequality.

Now reimagined by TAU (Hamzah Tajbhai), a world-renowned producer, composer, and sound engineer at 608, the latest and more soulful-sounding Hometalk moves the song from Afropop to Afro House - a genre that is leading the global House music scene. Spearheaded by global DJs like Black Coffee, Zakes Bantwini and DJ Shimza, Afro House emanates from South Africa and has been embraced on global stages like Tomorrowland and Coachella.

Having his tracks signed by international labels such as Germany's Get Physical and UK's Aluku Records, TAU is no stranger to the global stage himself. His recent achievements include producing an official Afrotech remix of Brenda Fassie’s hit song “Vuli Ndlela.”

“Reimagining legendary local music is a huge privilege and responsibility,” says TAU. “The modern remix of Mango Groove’s Hometalk is not only about the recreation of an iconic track, but it must also serve the same role that the original did during the 1980s. It must serve as a reminder for our youth to unite in the just cause of picking up South Africa from her knees.” 

Working with the original recordings of Hometalk, accessed from the Gallo Records archive that houses iconic SA music and recordings, TAU converted tape into digital for the new song. Evolving it into the new Afro House version and adding in his signature sounds that fuse ancient harmonies with cutting-edge sound design and syntheses, the new Hometalk reflects the evolution of local music and aims to revive the spirit in the youth of today.

"We love the fact that Hometalk has found new expression in TAU’s glorious Afro House remix of the song,” says Claire Johnston, lead singer of Mango Groove. “It’s such an interesting and lateral take on the original, and we’re delighted that the song is finding new traction in SA’s urban music culture today, and is continuing to resonate and find meaning with successive generations of young South Africans. Congratulations 608!’’

As a company that curates meaningful experiences in culture and entertainment, 608’s release of the Hometalk remix speaks to its ambition to collaborate with iconic bands for modern rendition tributes, in addition to producing original music.

Adam Byars, Joint CEO of GRID Worldwide/ 608 Experiences, states, "608 is committed to discovering South African talent and providing avenues for emerging entertainers to influence both local and global culture. The newly minted version of Hometalk is our Youth Day gift to South Africa, celebrating the profound influence that the youth of the past had on our nation, and the potential impact that the youth of today can have on our future."

The Hometalk remix, released on Youth Day, is now available on digital platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Deezer.

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Mango Groove

Mango Groove

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About Mango Groove

Mango Groove is an 11-piece South African Afropop band whose music fuses pop and township music—especially marabi and kwela.
Since their foundation in 1984, the band has released six studio albums and numerous singles. Their most recent album, 2016's Faces to the Sun, was more than four years in the making.


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Mango Groove - Hometalk Remix

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