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The Wild Low Releases Self-titled New EP

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The time for subtlety has passed.

By Underground Press

Published Friday, 05 May 2023 08:21

For those expecting Climate Control 2.0, you may want to excuse yourselves. Two of the band’s founding members returned to writing with one another, and the results were decidedly different to their previous outing. What’s more, the new material proved to be an ideal playing ground for the collaborative project ideas which had been thrown around years previously.

The Wild Low opened the way for Nic and Luca to reach out to some of their friends in the South African metal scene and finally work on some long-overdue collaborations, essentially resulting in an EP consisting of members from Climate Control, OneDaySky, Newtown Knife Gang, Red Helen, Dream Demon, Middle Grounds and Treehouse Burning.

With tongue firmly in cheek when it comes to tracking names and attitude, this metal project was written and recorded remotely between South Africa and England and forms the basis of members Nic and Luca's current approach to songwriting in this genre: loud and fun.

A one-take music video was filmed for the single, which was made available on YouTube ahead of the EP’s release.

The Wild Low EP is now available on all digital platforms.

Track List:

  1. Phats Waller (feat. Brandon Render)
  2. Ballpoint Ben (feat. Nathan Schacht & Spencer Martin)
  3. Bill Naai (feat. Kerwyn Fourie)
  4. Carrot Kate (feat. Joel Dickson)
  5. Maul of the South
  6. Permanent Marcus (feat. Brandon Pratt & Clint Watts)

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>> Friday, 05 May 2023 10:41

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The Wild Low

The Wild Low

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About The Wild Low

The Wild Low consists of former Climate Control bandmates Nic and Luca. Together they form what they call "Angry music by angry people".


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