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Tian Nienaber Releases Compelling New Single 'Knip Die Tou' Out Now

Tian Nienaber Releases Compelling New Single 'Knip Die Tou' Out Now

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South african singer-songwriter tian nienaber is set to captivate audiences once again with his compelling new single and accompanying music video, 'knip die tou' (meaning 'cut the cord'), scheduled for release on friday 1 march.

By Underground Press

Published Friday, 01 March 2024 08:00

Delving into the complexities of relationships, the song resonates deeply as Nienaber shares personal experiences of feeling trapped in cycles of futile efforts to mend broken connections. This poignant narrative reflects on the realisation that sometimes the most courageous act is to let go. Through his evocative lyrics and emotive melodies, Nienaber offers solace and insight to those navigating similar struggles. Prepare to be moved and enlightened by 'knip die tou' as a testament to Nienaber's artistry and emotional depth.

Tian Nienaber shares that "'Knip die Tou’ (meaning 'Cut the Cord') deals with relationships where you just keep trying, even when things seem not to work out.

I've been in a few relationships in the past where we would argue, break up, and then get back together. It seems like I'm trapped in a cycle where I keep encountering the same problems while trying to fix things that are obviously broken.

It was something I struggled with for a while, trying to come to a conclusion of sorts. I've always had the belief that something must work out—the classic 'love is enough' mindset. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Sometimes relationships aren't meant to last, and since you can't address the issue, it's best to break up rather than further damage your relationship. Expanding it beyond what's necessary ultimately causes more harm than good for all parties involved."

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>> Thursday, 29 February 2024 08:17

Tian Nienaber, Indie Alternative


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Tian Nienaber

Tian Nienaber

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About Tian Nienaber

Tian Nienaber, a South African indie alternative singer-songwriter, entered the music scene at 17, initially as a sound engineer. After six years on the road, supporting artists and contributing to festivals, he transitioned to the forefront, driven by a passion for music ignited at 12. In the past seven years, Tian has become a prominent figure in the indie alternative genre, gracing stages at renowned festivals and sharing platforms with esteemed South African artists.
In 2021, Tian made waves with his debut single 'Hurting Love,' achieving chart success in South Africa and Australia. His sophomore single, 'Soldier On,' in 2022 solidified his position. Venturing into Afrikaans music in 2023 with 'Hemel Se Deur,' Tian enjoyed radio chart success. As he enters 2024, his musical journey continues to captivate audiences globally.


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