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Metal Titans Diverted Disorder Release Intense Track 'Serpent Queen'

Unleashing Fury: Diverted Disorder Drops Explosive New Single 'Serpent Queen'

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South Africa’s metal sensation Diverted Disorder drops "Serpent Queen," a powerful prelude to their eagerly awaited second album.

By Underground Press

Published Tuesday, 25 June 2024 10:00

South Africa’s emerging metal powerhouse, Diverted Disorder, is thrilled to announce the release of their latest single, Serpent Queen. This explosive track is a precursor to their highly anticipated second album set to drop in the near future.
Formed officially in November 2022, Diverted Disorder has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene. The band’s journey began with frontman Hardman Mills rediscovering his musical fervour, leading to a solo venture in his home studio. In collaboration with Jared Gunston in January 2021, Diverted Disorder was born, blending thrash metal with blues, death metal, and core elements to create a sound that defies conventional genres.
The evolution from a solo project to a full-fledged four-piece band in August 2022 marked a significant milestone. Their inaugural live performance on November 26, 2022, showcased the band's unwavering dedication and passion.

Frontman Hardman Mills describes the inspiration behind 'Serpent Queen': “Pure anger… Lol.” The track’s message is a powerful reminder: "Don’t treat others like they are beneath you." Mills elaborates on the approach taken to writing the song, saying, “I wanted to display as much anger as possible and make the track heavy as hell. I believe we have achieved that.”

The recording process was an intense and deeply personal experience for the band. “We recorded, mixed, and mastered it ourselves. Super proud of the team for all the hard work. So much more to come. We tend to work when we feel inspired; otherwise, music becomes production and then it loses its soul,” says Mills.

In just five words, Mills captures the essence of 'Serpent Queen': “Check out the brutal breakdown! 😝

Their debut album, "Technical Difficulties," released in November 2022, received acclaim for its raw exploration of personal and societal struggles. This album highlighted the band’s resilience and creativity, turning recording challenges into integral elements of their sound.

Looking ahead, Diverted Disorder is gearing up an upcoming UK tour in August which promises to expand their reach and influence, allowing them to connect directly with a growing fanbase.

Diverted Disorder’s thematic explorations continue to delve into personal struggles, societal challenges, and human experience, adding profound depth to their music.

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>> Tuesday, 25 June 2024 10:00

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Diverted Disorder

Diverted Disorder

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  • Thrash Metal
In a time of disorder, a mystical creature ascended from the ashes of a better time? Locked in the basement of Southern Africa, now the beast is unleashed with world domination ringing in its head.
Music with a hint of Alternative, Rock and blues blended with Thrash, Core and death metal. Diverted Disorder is here to unleash our music, that was hidden for too long… Are you ready?


Diverted Disorder - Serpent Queen

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