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How The Right TV Will Level Up Your Gaming Experience

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By Underground Press

Published Tuesday, 18 April 2023 12:18

Johannesburg, 18 April 2023TCL, the global Top 2 TV brand and the number one 98-inch TV brand, understands enthusiasts use their TV sets in many different ways. These devices are used for watching sport, binge-watching series, unwinding with a movie, displaying presentations and, of course, playing video games.

It’s every gamer’s dream to get up close and personal to the action and gamers look to manufacturing companies to ensure an elevated gaming experience with fine attention to detail. That is why TCL has created a range of gaming TVs that pride itself on offering their gamers, viewers, and everyone in-between unadulterated viewing quality.

A Smooth Gameplay Experience Makes All Of The Difference

Gamers are forever looking for smarter ways to up their ante. A gaming TV is the answer and does wonders for that authentic gaming experience. The secret is in the attention to detail, smooth gameplay, and optimised next-gen consoles. These features will have gamers brushing up on their skills and taking the gaming experience to a whole new level.

Global brands like TCL are now building TVs specifically for gamers. TCL’s MINI LED and QLED C735 and C835 models offer brilliant clarity and fine attention to detail that ticks all the boxes.

Whether participants are new to gaming, or play competitively, every player wants the best experience possible. Upgrading will keep playing levels up to speed. QLED TVs are the easiest way for that ideal play-through experience. TCL's latest gaming TVs have exclusive features like Game Master which automatically shuts off everything unnecessary running on the processor, freeing space for a faster response while playing, giving gamers a one-up on their competition.

TCLs' big-screen offerings include ultra-low input lag and auto low latency mode (ALLM), giving contenders the perfect opportunity to respond to the action as and when it happens. Competitors find this high level of responsiveness exhilarating and especially useful when multiple contenders participate. With gaming, timing is everything!

TCL offers the latest generation of TVs with the advancement of colour quality. Much has changed over the past few years with the advancement of new colour technologies, like the popular Quantum Dot QLED which TCL introduced back in 2015.

TCL’s Auto Game Mode automatically adjusts TV settings for that immediate responsive game-feel when participants fire up their consoles and will remember the settings for perfect convenience. Additionally, these devices are equipped with a VRR or Variable Refresh Rate of up to 144Hz on some models while the C635, for example, is equipped with an impressive 120Hz DLG. This enables screens to line up with every frame rate. Participants have the advantage with AMD FreeSyncTM on the latest 5 and 6 series QLED models.

Cinematic Quality Gives Players That Feel-Good Interactive Experience

Big TV screens, like those of TCL with Game Master Pro, deliver cinema-quality images and powerful audio to gamers of all levels. They offer much more in the way of smooth play and instant response times.

Many game titles are now supporting Dolby, ensuring players take full advantage on big screens, enjoying all the features on offer. This is why gaming on units supporting Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos makes for the perfect gaming experience.

There’s So Much More Than Fast Response Times and Low Input Lag

Gaming on a big screen TV equipped with AiPQ technology is an additional game-changing feature available on selected TCL TV units. This feature uses machine-learning algorithms for optimal colour, clarity, and contrast. All this in real time, ensuring gamers enjoy unrivalled 4K HDR interactive viewing.

The Dolby Digital decoding maximises sound clarity, creating virtual surround sound. Dolby Atmos adds a big 3D real-life sound experience while clarity of true audio envelopes gamers for an immersive listening experience.

Plus, select TCL TVs have up to 4 HDMI ports, two of which are equipped with the 2.1 technology, an Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC), and you can even enjoy a seamless audio upgrade with TCL Alto Sound Bars so you’ll have everything you need to level up.

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