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What are the 5 types of Drum Kits For Sale in the Music Industry

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Drum kits are not all the same, in that there are many different types. But which ones are currently used in the music industry? Well, read on to find out which ones are the most popular, and the differences between them.

By Emily Bartels

Published Friday, 28 December 2018 13:48

Acoustic Drum Kits

Acoustic is your most basic type of drum kit, and while they are the most rewarding, they often require a lot more space, and more money, especially when you begin. You can get a compact kit that will allow you to play easily, and it allows you to play this for hours. Beginner kits are available in this type, and you can also get complete drum kits as well.


Rock Drum Kits

Another super popular drum kit for sale is a rock drum kit. This one creates a rock sound that’s a bit thicker, with a little more tension than other kits. While it isn’t necessarily always used for rock music, rock drum kits are called this because of the rock sound that they create. It allows for a more controlled sound at a beefier sort of tuning, and it also has a big kit as well. While these aren’t as big as the acoustic ones, they often do require a little bit of commitment.


Fusion Drum Kits

A fusion drum kit is different compared to a rock kit in that it’s smaller slightly, and it typically has a sound that’s higher and quieter than the rock kits.

Fusion is typically determined by the diameters of the drums, and typically, the fusion drums are about 12-inch toms in terms of toms, and has a 14-inch floor tom, along with a 22-inch bass drum included here. Standard is about the same size in terms of the bass drum, but the toms are a little bit bigger.

Fusion has a more punchy sort of sound and it creates better articulation but at the expense of being quiet. But, if you don't want something too loud, this is the way to go.


Jazz Drum Kits

Jazz drumming has its own kit, and it’s got a different sort of percussion sound. While it does have a similar feel to rock, over this kit allows for a more “freeing” feeling with the beat, and these drum kits tend to accommodate that sound. If you’re looking to get into jazz drumming or want something with a different and more freeing sound, this is the way to go.


Junior Drum Kits

Finally, there are junior drum kits, which are used for younger children. These are smaller than the average acoustic set, which means that it won’t cause children to have to struggle or overstretch when using these. These are great if your child wants to get into the world of music, and playing the drum, or even just for fun. they’re relatively inexpensive.

These are the top kits currently used today. They all have their pros and cons, but you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to use a kit, and you can benefit from these at your discretion.


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