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Hidden Gems 2018

| Hidden Gems

By Russell Miller

Published Tuesday, 01 January 2019 06:39

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Currently, at the time this was written was still 2018, if you’ve already crossed over to 2019 (…or beyond); 1) Greetings from the past, 2) There’s some music that you left back here! By now everyone has published their “Top (X) of 2018” lists filled with everything you’ve already seen and/or heard but we do it a bit different around here. Yes, UNDERGROUND PRESS has remained vigilant and has scoured the “interwebs” for under-the-radar albums, and buried songs from 2018 and placed them right here in absolutely no order for all of you future dwellers…have a listen!

GEM 1: The tracks ‘Urban Wilderness’ & ‘Prelude For You’ from the album Bloom


South Africa’s EMERGER busted onto the scene with their debut ‘Bloom’ way back In May of 2018 and with it a music video for lead single Hindsight and awards for ‘Break & Fall’. Don’t let that distract you from digging a bit deeper into this little set of songs. ‘Urban Wilderness’ and ‘Prelude for You’ are two tracks that absolutely need your ears. The tracks feature some of the duo’s strongest melodies and overall songwriting. 

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